15 Pictures That Will Warm Your Heart

Photography is not only a way to save our memories but also a chance to capture the moments we often don't notice in our everyday lives. Funny, kind, touching – each of them will make you stop for a minute and think how wonderful it is that such moments occur.

Bright Side has collected 15 wonderful pictures that will overwhelm you with their cuteness.

1. Princess Charlotte wearing the shoes of her uncle, Prince Harry

Charlotte's red shoes are the same ones that her uncle, Prince Harry, wore 30 years ago when he was her age. And it is not the first time royal clothes have been "inherited": the royal family loves giving new life to old things.

2. A man helps his wife learn to read again

"I saw this couple at Starbucks, where John was teaching Linda the alphabet. He told me that she'd lost her memory and is now learning to read again. Patience, love, and understanding as they are."

3. Remonstrants giving a rose to a soldier

This picture was taken during one of many anti-government uprisings that took place in Bangkok in 2013. It became a symbol of hope for overcoming the crisis.

4. Newborn Husky pups

Seems like the husky mom ran out of ink in the middle of delivery!

5. A little boy is excited to meet his baby sister for the first time

Children's emotions are truly the most sincere of all! Just look how happy this boy is to see his newborn sister!

6. A dog sleeping next to tired soldiers

This picture of Soviet soldiers was taken in 1942 – a few minutes of rest shared with a pet.

7. Neither dementia nor a stroke can ruin a 60-year marriage

This couple has been married for 60 years, and neither time nor the wife's illnesses could weaken their love. Despite her stroke and dementia, her husband is always with her.

8. A man bottle-feeding a baby beaver

In this picture, you can see a man from the Montagne Indian tribe in Quebec. Pay attention to the fact that he even brought a bottle to make it easier for the beaver to drink.

9. A kid giving a chicken a chance to smell the flowers

"My nephew is helping his pet chicken smell the flowers."

10. A 63-year-old love

The couple in this picture has been married for more than half a century. Their granddaughter took this picture at their 63rd wedding anniversary.

11. The most touching end-of-the-school-year photo

This is Sophie, and she is holding a picture of herself at the beginning of the academic year. By its end, she accomplished the most amazing thing: beating cancer.

12. Love that knows no end

"My girlfriend works at Steak 'n Shake. This woman's husband died, but she has dinner with him every day."

13. A 5-year-old girl helps an 89-year-old woman during an evacuation

After Hurricane Katrina, people had to wait several days to be evacuated. But this little survivor did not forget to help others, at least with a calming gesture.

14. A boy hugging his service dog

Lucas has Sanfilippo Syndrome, and a specially trained pet makes his life much easier. For that reason, when the boy's father found out that such a dog couldn't be given to his son, he took a pup from a dog shelter and trained it himself.

15. A policeman giving a homeless man a new pair of boots

A passerby captured a good deed on one of New York's streets: a policeman gave a homeless man a new pair of shoes and socks.

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