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16 Touching Photos That Show the Power of Kindness


Today it seems like we are constantly busy and often forget how important it is for us and for other people to feel support even from people we don’t know. And fairy tale characters aren’t the only ones who can do good things in this world.

We at Bright Side found 16 photos that could warm anyone even on the coldest night and we hope they will inspire people to do good things.

1. People in India removed 5 tons of trash from the beach.

2. A really sick fan was brought to a hockey match. Her dream came true!

3. In the US, a man wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. 13 trucks parked side-by-side to save him.

4. In Germany, a boy parked his bike in the same place for a year. Someone put out a personal parking sign for him.

5. An old man helps an animal shelter to collect money by taking photos with sleeping cats and posting them on social media.

6. “It’s people like this that makes me still have faith in humans — and to make it even better, it was a birthday lunch with a wife and baby and no one knew! Thanks, anonymous nice person!”

7. Two men rescued a deer that got stuck in a swamp.

8. An old lady has been visiting the same store for 15 years to read books there and now there is a special chair for her.

9. “Someone found an old chair outside my house, refurbished it, and returned it.”

10. “Someone wanted to give a present.”

11. People in Brest cleaned off oil from swans.

12. Someone made a house for cats with blankets and bowls of food.

13. “They invited everyone to have fun!”

14. “They are really hospitable.”

15. Someone hung these all around the city.

16. Free coats for anyone and a chance to help other people

When was the last time you did something good? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit mspmetrodet / Twitter