17 Celebrities Who’ve Ditched All Stereotypes and Enjoy Being Themselves

The time when we thought that famous people were ideal is gone. It once seemed to us that they looked perfect and that they only had to snap their fingers to make all their dreams come true. Today, thanks to the Internet, we can see how they live and discover new sides of their lives.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at celebrities' everyday lives. They are much more similar to us than we think.

Chrissy Teigen showed her stretch marks.

Chrissy Teigen shared a picture of her stretch marks with the world. Fans praised her for her honesty and called her a good role model. Chrissy claimed she wouldn't use Photoshop for her Instagram photos. She said it was unfair.

Blake Lively falls behind schedule.

Popular actress Blake Lively sometimes doesn't have enough time for breakfast. She doesn't complain when she has to do many things at once, and she shares this fact with the world. "I don't deserve special treatment," she writes on her Instagram page. She lets everyone know that she is no different from any of her fans.

Jennifer Aniston is 48 years old after all.

This beauty doesn't seem to age. On the contrary, she gets better every year. However, even she doesn't always manage to keep in shape due to her age. Fortunately, Jennifer doesn't care about it much, and she happily shares her photos from the beach with her fans.

Drew Barrymore doesn't retouch wrinkles.

Drew has always tried to look natural, so she boldly posts selfies where you can see her wrinkles and her eyebrows that are not perfectly coiffed. The actress can easily post a detailed photo report about her home beauty procedures.

Margot Robbie shares her failures.

This famous hottie is not always successful. For example, she failed when she was surfing. However, Margot is very confident, so she doesn't try to act as though she never fails, and she isn't scared of sharing her imperfect photos.

Mila Kunis and Henry Cavill have unusual eyes.

Mila Kunis has known about heterochromia since she was a child: one of her eyes is green, and the other is light brown. And Superman Henry Cavill's eyes are both blue, but there is a brown spot on his left pupil. In fact, such multicolored eyes are popular now, and many people think it's more of an asset than a problem.

Laetitia Casta and her non-Hollywood smile.

Laetitia's smile is clearly different from all other Hollywood smiles. However, it didn't stop her from building a successful acting and modeling career. Talent is much more significant than the color and position of teeth.

Mark Wahlberg doesn't care about his third nipple.

Just look at his muscles! Even though Mark has a third nipple, he doesn't care about it at all and happily takes photos of his naked torso, which attracts even more fans.

Ashley Graham doesn't hide her cellulite.

This world-famous plus-sized model inspires many women with her successes and her love for her own body. What she wrote under one of her latest photos on Instagram represents one of Ashley's main principles. She said that she didn't feel shy about cellulite and nobody should feel that way.

Emilia Clarke hides from problems.

Emilia gets so tired during short breaks between shooting that she has no choice but to sit down, or even lie down, for a while in some calm place. For example, in this photo, the actress is hiding in a baby tunnel. She seems to be quite happy.

Gwyneth Paltrow wears glasses.

Most people prefer wearing contact lenses, and they became a real game-changer for those who don't like their appearance in glasses. However, Gwyneth Paltrow started wearing glasses as soon as her eyesight deteriorated. Glasses look quite good on her.

Cameron Diaz and Lady Gaga without makeup.

Cameron doesn't try to hide her age, often taking pictures where we can easily see wrinkles. And Lady Gaga is famous for her extravagant dresses and eye-catching makeup. However, she is not afraid of showing what her face looks like without it. When the pop star comes home after a long day, she washes her makeup off and takes a few evening selfies to show fans what she really looks like.

Seal is not ashamed of his scars.

Many people are shy because of scars, especially if they are on an open part of the body. But not Seal. The singer has an open face, a nice smile, and a confident look.

Keira Knightley and Mila Jovovich are proud of their small breasts.

Of course, small breasts don't influence talent, but it tends to be pretty hard not to match the beauty standards even if you are a world-famous celebrity. For example, Keira had to ask specialists not to make her breasts look bigger during post-production. It seems that both actresses don't care much about public opinion and wear clothes that highlight their real breast size.

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