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17 Coincidences That Refute the Probability Theory

Two different people took identical photos of a lighthouse at the same second; a boy found a little Lego copy of his father; or a boyfriend and a girlfriend look like two peas in a pod — if you saw all of these in real life you’d say “No way that’s possible!” Do you think we’re exaggerating? Actually, things like this happen pretty often in everyday life.

Bright Side gathered amazing photos with perfect timing and perfect matches.

“My new girlfriend made this collage to show me how similar we are.”

Two photographers, who didn’t know each other, took identical pictures of a lighthouse at the exact same second.

Light from a window matched the light part of the painting.

“My son was excited to find Daddy in his new Lego kit.”

When the observer becomes part of the painting.

This is what harmony looks like.

When you’re so popular that they make you your own cosplay brush.

It’s like he’s carrying the missing piece of this car.

A pair of chameleon socks.

“Did someone shoot a movie at my house while I was at work?”

This bull has transparent patches.

In case you don’t know what mimicry is.

He looks good in those boots.

“Ankle boots. Free shipping.”

“I challenge you to a fight!”

“Our coach looks surprised.”

A girl and her fluffy friend’s eye color match.

A real bird is flying along the drawing.

Have you ever seen any perfect coincidences like these? Share your photos and stories in the comments.

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