16 Emotional Moments When Our Heart Sinks and Stops at the Same Time

Unfortunately, we tend to hide real emotions in our everyday life and our hearts get rigid as if they were covered with a shell. Today's article was written to set your feelings free. You'll be so excited when you'll see a 67-year-old gentleman graduating from the college. You'll also feel the grief of a girl whose boyfriend passed away just 7 weeks before her prom night. You'll know all the stories hidden behind the photos and they won't leave you indifferent.

Bright Side gathered 17 photos that will remind us what it feels like to be alive.

104-year-old Australian scientist visiting with his grandson before flying to a clinic in Switzerland to voluntarily end his life.

My mom just graduated from nursing school at 44 years old. Here she's posing in front of her high school graduation picture. She wanted me to tell everyone that "It’s never too late to better yourself."

"My son at one-month-old and his 97-year-old great-grandmother."

"I'm 65 and just graduated college. You're never too old to learn!"

"Today a tired little bee landed on my jacket. I offered it some jam from my donut, which it happily licked up, getting the energy to fly off again."

"4 years ago my wife suffered a major stroke. This is her first painting since then and I couldn't be more proud."

"Graduating today from college after 15 years working full-time and balancing my life. Got married, 2 daughters, built a house. Attempted to make graduation family photo."

"My boyfriend quit drinking close to 3 months ago and started wood burning to preoccupy himself from his urge to drink. This is his most recent artwork."

"The moment my daughter saw the ocean for the first time."

"My goal was to graduate before I reached 100 years of age. I made it with 33 years to spare."

"63 years later and my grandma can still fit into her wedding gown!"

"My boyfriend passed away just 7 weeks before my prom night. From our first dance, to our last."

"Took my nan to her new care home today that’s for people with dementia, she met a lady who had the same name as her and they held hands the whole time they watched TV."

"Some things never change."

"A woman stopped my father at a gas station and asked if she could paint him. He said yes. She took a picture and got his address. She brought this to his house a few days later."

"Having served in the US Army during WWII, he is both the oldest living US Combat Veteran and oldest living male in the United States. Let's all wish him a happy 112th birthday."

Do you have any photos that can touch our hearts? Let's share them with each other.

Preview photo credit CheyPayton / twitter
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