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17 Good Deeds From People Who Must Be Working in a Ministry of Kindness


If we agree that the butterfly effect is a real thing, then even the smallest good deed can trigger a whole series of bigger and better deeds. Maybe you don’t even notice the immediate effects of what you did, but the boomerang of kindness has already been launched and it is surely coming back to you. Maybe, 30 years later, just like in one of the stories from this article, you will see the consequences of your own kindness.

If you’ve started to doubt that this world has any kind people left, just read these 17 stories that we at Bright Side absolutely loved.

  • I was on the subway after my evening college classes. Then, I suddenly felt weak, nauseated, and I was dizzy. My body just decided to randomly lose consciousness. I felt that I just needed to sit down somewhere immediately and that maybe I would come back to my senses. There were no free seats, but the train was approaching a station anyway. I got out and realized I wouldn’t make it to the bench. I did the only thing I could do — sit on the floor. 5 or 6 people instantly stopped and started asking me what happened. They helped me get up and get to the exit. Some parents even offered me a lift and the others left me only after they made sure that I would be okay. On the way home, I really regretted that I didn’t have anything to give to these nice people. © valueyourwine / Pikabu
  • A dentist from Brazil treats underprivileged communities that don’t have enough money to pay for these services. Just look at this emotional transformation! © timdual / Reddit
  • I was 7 or 8 years old. I was walking past a store and I saw that there was some sugar on the ground. Someone’s bag must have torn. I don’t know why but I started to clean it up, putting it back into the bag. Then, this guy comes up to me and says, “What, you spilled it?” I said, “Yeah, the bag, tore.” The guy says, “Here is $5, go get yourself a new pack, this sugar is dirty anyway.” He said it and left. I was happy and went to the store and bought a pack of sugar. © Koroce / Pikabu
  • I had an early morning meeting with friends and we were experiencing a steady snowfall. I was the last one to leave the building and I caught a friend brushing off the snow from all my car windows! When I asked her why, she said that I was always doing things for other people and she wanted to do something nice for me! © IndieGal_60 / Reddit
  • Almost 5,000 people stood in the rain for hours to see if they were a stem cell match for a 5-year-old boy battling a rare type of cancer in hopes of saving his life. © RunBeforeYouCanWalk / Imgur
  • An elderly lady misdialed and left a voicemail extending an invitation to some event she was holding. She sounded so hopeful that it was heartbreaking to think she might feel rebuffed or neglected, while not realizing they’d never received her message. I called her back to let her know she needed to recheck the number she’d tried calling so no one would miss her event. It turned out that she was trying to plan her 90th birthday party later this year. I got invited too. © esjoldd / Reddit

  • I’m coming back home on the subway and I see a girl just come up to a guy a give him his portrait. She was sitting in front of him and drew it while there were traveling, passing by just a couple of stations. © AlexandrZayac / Pikabu

  • My mom texted me this morning. She said she had rented a car from a car-sharing service and found a wallet in there. In the purse, she found $3,000, credit cards, a license, and some other stuff. The license had a photo of a young guy. I spent 5 minutes and found him online. I texted him about what we found and he said that he didn’t even notice he had lost the wallet. He was amazed at how decent we were. I gave him our address and now he is coming to our house, which is out of town, and he doesn’t even know my mom has collected a bunch of apples for him. They are from our garden. © uugochaves / Pikabu
  • My upstairs neighbors have 2 kids that consistently stomp and roughhouse and even though it can be intense at times, my wife and I let it go because NYC isn’t exactly a place you can let them run around wild outside. This was found hanging on our door this week. © MSotallyTober / Reddit
  • This morning, I was waiting for a bus and I noticed an old lady. She looked like she was homeless. She went up to a dog that was lying not far from her and started talking to it. Soon the lady left, and 5 minutes later she returned with a big sausage for the dog. She gave the dog a big piece of it and when she noticed that the dog was suspicious (what if the food is poisoned?), the lady took a bite just to show that it was safe. The dog instantly started eating the meat and ate all of it in just a few seconds. The lady laid out the rest of the sausage next to her hungry friend and left smiling. © klick11 / Pikabu
  • In 1981, a pediatrician saved the life of a 3.2 lb premature boy by working around the clock and beating the odds to stabilize him. In 2011, the same pediatrician was pinned inside a burning vehicle after a car collision, but was saved by a paramedic who turned out to be the premature boy he saved 30 years ago. © TheEpsilonToMyDelta / Reddit
  • My friends and I wanted to play tennis but it cost $60 to play for one hour. There was an old lady in the court that said we could play 3 hours for just $60 if we wanted to. We went for it and played. We thought that we couldn’t just ignore her good attitude toward us and decided to give her something next time we went to that place just to thank her. So, something like a week later, we went there to give her a box of chocolates and something else, as a symbol of our gratitude. Her reaction amazed us. She was so happy, so shy, and so thankful that we even felt a bit awkward. © GrekovDanil / Twitter
  • My daughter and I were waiting for a bus in the late evening and my daughter was getting really cold. I hugged her and tried to warm her. Then this policeman came up to us, gave his coat to my daughter, and waited for the bus with us even though it was a long time away. © ikrok / Pikabu
  • When I was going to college, I really liked one girl. I wanted to invite her to a cafe but I barely had any money at the time. I was pretty sad about it until this cook from the cafeteria noticed what was going on. He told me to bring this girl to the outside of the college where there was a small park with benches. He told me to be there at about 10 pm. When we got there, one of the tables was already set: main course, appetizers, desserts. The guy came out to the table as if we were some important guests and poured us tea and asked us if we wanted anything else. I was so happy at the moment. Now, 12 years later, I still remember that man and I understand how huge of a heart he had. © Rakhymjun / Pikabu
  • So this was when I was about 10 years old and we had a talent show at my school (I’m 31 now). It was a talent competition and word got around that the autistic kid in our year, a bit of a social outcast, had decided to lip-sync along to “Miami” by Will Smith. My friends and I got wind and decided that, to save him from being embarrassed and being up there alone, we would offer to be his back-up dancers. Soon every girl in our class had volunteered to be a back-up dancer in his performance. We practiced an easy choreographed dance we could repeat with our hands and did this as he darted around the stage, miming his heart out, and eventually taking off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd (assembly hall). It still gives me such a warm heart when I remember it. © slackingindepth3 / Reddit

  • I found out that my colleague was going to have a child very soon. And I had a lot of children’s things I didn’t need anymore: a stroller, a sleigh, a baby chair. I told him he could take anything he needed. He liked the stroller. He came to pick it up and I was showing him everything about the stroller, checking to see if there was something important leftover in the pockets. I was also joking about a stash I had in the stroller (even though I thought that I didn’t). Several hours later, I found out that I really did have a stash I had completely forgotten about. Thanks to my colleague, I have my $10 back and a nice story to tell. © Floodsama / Pikabu

  • A pet shelter in Orlando separated their pets into different houses to make it easier for visitors to choose a friend for themselves based on their temperaments. The descriptions are masterpieces, “We’ve gained exclusive access to this still shot from the set of Hairy Pawter and the Goblet of Milk, starring Cody! Cody gets along well with other cats and dogs! He is a little on the plump side, so he’s looking for a family who’s committed to monitoring his diet and helping him stay healthy and active. Ready to represent Hufflepuff in a game of laser pointer quidditch? Come practice with Cody at our Orlando shelter today!”

Maybe, something like this has happened to you? Feel free to share your stories in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit MSotallyTober / Reddit