17 Inspirational People Whose Willpower Deserves Our Applause

People often judge us by our looks. However, if you decide to change your looks, do it not to please others but for your own comfort and happiness.

Bright Side gathered 17 photos of people who knew exactly what they wanted to change in their looks and had enough willpower and determination to do it. Their results will motivate you to change your life!

1. "After a year of treatment, I finally feel comfortable without makeup, and I don't have to worry that everyone is staring at my face."

2. "Can we all just take a minute to appreciate my transformation....because I can actually say I'm proud."

3. This is what willpower and determination can do!

4. "In March, I started my weight loss journey, and with hard work, diet, and exercise, I'm quite satisfied with where I've gotten myself. Size 22 to 6."

5. You can see her eyes shining with happiness.

6. "My sister before and after losing over 168 lb in 11 months."

7. One of the best before and afters!

8. Yes, he is the same person.

9. Now he looks like a guy you'd see in a TV commercial.

10. Here's how you can get both a healthy body and a healthy marriage.

11. "Never say that anything is impossible."

12. "3-year difference, and I am happier being a gentleman."

13. This is how she changed for an important day in her life. However, her eyes are shining in both photos.

14. If you needed motivation, here it is!

15. Sometimes a new hairdo and a professional makeup artist can change your life.

16. Hats off to her makeup artist.

17. "Started close to 260, and now I'm around 138 and still losing!"

What do you think of these people's transformations? Do you have a motivational story that inspired you to change and never give up? Share your photos and stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit Meka Monàé Ford/facebook
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