17 People Who Are Masters at Trolling

Some people have the gift of banter, and you can do nothing about their prankish humor. But you can always be ready and keep your eyes open.

Bright Side has found 17 photos of masters of trolling. Their jokes are real masterpieces.

Solicitous father: God level

The king of sympathy

When your neighbor's house is higher than yours

The right presentation is everything.

A horrible car accident? No! The bus moves like this. There is a passenger car inside.

The person who repairs this porch in the future will be really surprised.

Then why do they say that silence is golden?

These detective novels are even more mysterious now!

He had half a scooter as a boy.

When Mom asks you to clean the bathroom as if the Queen of England was going to visit it.

What's in the front then?

My parents said we had a brother, but he didn't like to wash himself and became a mushroom. Here is the proof:

My wife asked me to cut the bread, but she didn't mention how she wanted it cut.

When you don't want to pay for your luggage...

Sometimes janitors are bored too.

You just need to reach up.

When you are a lazy but inventive employee:

Preview photo credit TwoFaceMan
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