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17 People Who Prove Kindness Has Power to Change the World

Good deeds don’t just bring kindness and benefits to others, they also help improve health. Research has proven that volunteering can actually lower blood pressure, giving us an excellent reason to be kind. But some people don’t need special occasions to support and help others, and their stories are worth hearing.

Our lives can be full of bad events. And at Bright Side, we appreciate acts of kindness and want to share the touching stories of people who make this world a better and brighter place. But since not all of them managed to take photos, we included written accounts of their acts of kindness in the bonus section of this article.

1. This couple decided to use puppies from a shelter instead of flowers for her wedding to draw the guests’ attention to the problem of stray animals.

2. “Random act of kindness from a stranger at 2 A.M.”

3. “Shared about unexpectedly becoming a mom to a preemie baby girl (adopted through the state). A Reddit user sent me all her daughter’s preemie and newborn clothes!”

4. A special park for a special bike

5. “Someone made and left bags full of snacks, rain ponchos, hand sanitizer, water, and hand warmers next to a clothing recycle bin where the homeless in Chicago frequent.”

6. “Lowe’s ran out of generators and a complete stranger gave his generator to a woman whose father is living on an oxygen tank.”

7. “John Sato, a 95-year-old WWII Veteran, takes 4 buses to attend a rally in support of Christchurch massacre victims. Sato is pictured here gripping a police officer and stranger for support.”

8. “For at least 13 years, rain or shine, this little old man spends EVERY morning walking around our tiny town picking up trash.”

9. Fans should support each other.

10. “My co-workers and I banded together and got this young man a new bike after his was stolen. His smile was worth everything.”

11. A way to show your support and love

12. “Just landed in NYC. People across the aisle didn’t know each other. She was flying for the first time and was terrified. He talked her through it and held her hand. Just people being people.”

13. A surprise from Santa

14. The family lost their home in the fire and thanks to the people in their community, they were able to get a rent-free home.

15. “This employee is helping a lady carry her food to her car in the rain, then going back inside without an umbrella.”

16. Everyone should be happy on Valentine’s Day!

17. “This young man tackled one of the gunmen in the Colorado school shooting, likely saving many lives.”

Bonus: Words about kindness

Kindness is the best way to treat people.

Everyone comes together to help.

Siblings are a great source of support.

Unexpected kindness

Have you ever committed a random act of kindness? Or maybe someone did it for you? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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