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17 People With Big Hearts, Who Didn’t Think Twice When They Saw an Animal in Need

Interfere and help, or pass by and forget? Sometimes it can be a tough decision to make, but luckily there are people who just can’t stand aside and watch when it comes to saving an animal’s life. These heroes stop several lanes of traffic to save a lost kitten, they rescue abandoned pets who are expecting babies, and they even help little turtles safely cross the road.

Here at Bright Side we want to say “Thank you” to all those wonderful people who save animals, and here are 17 good souls who knew exactly what to do when they found little creatures who needed help.

1. “We rescued a pregnant cat. Best decision ever. This is her with her 3.5 week old son.”

2. “Everyone meet Raven! My roommate and I saved her from the street a little while ago.”

3. “I saved a kitten from 4 lanes of traffic yesterday. Meet Dee!”

4. “My Uber driver saved a duckling from a busy street. The mother wasn’t around, so he had no choice but to take it aboard.”

5. “I stopped my car in traffic to save this kitten.”

6. “In the past year alone, a police officer from my hometown has helped save a baby opossum, 2 baby squirrels, and this baby owl.”

7. “I rescued this cutie and brought her home today. Everyone meet Bailey!”

8. “My wife called me before I left work yesterday and said she was trying to save a kitten hiding under a car... Well, here we are less than 12 hours later getting a vet check.”

9. “The swan I saved while driving on my rural delivery route. I’ve saved many creatures, but he’s my favorite to date.”

10. “I saved this tiny gem outside my lecture hall today! Missed class for it, but I’m happy knowing it’s in a loving home!”

11. “So this little guy was literally running for his life in the street. I saved him and cloaked him in the security of my beard.”

12. “I managed to see and save this little guy while mowing the lawn this afternoon.”

13. “Meet the kitten I saved from the middle of the road.”

14. “I saved this guy from being eaten by a snake in the middle of a rainforest I was working at in Brazil. Six years later, he is living in Norway with me.”

15. “I saved this little dude that was crossing the road.”

16. “20 minutes after I rescued him vs 2 hours later, in my bed”

17. “This is what being rescued looks like.”

Have you ever saved an animal in danger? How did it happen? Tell us your stories in the comments and let’s inspire each other to do good deeds!

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