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18 Hilarious Notes to Brighten Up a Boring Day at the Office

18 Hilarious Notes to Brighten Up a Boring Day at the Office

Spending time at the office may seem boring and monotonous. However, if your colleagues happen to be naturally born pranksters, capable of turning each new working day into a detective-style adventure or a merry game, boredom is surely the last thing on your mind.

Today, Bright Side presents you with a selection of incredibly funny memos that sparkle with unique office worker humor!

Sometimes you’ve got to take decisive actions

What happens when you’re not the only one to have a fondness for honey...

Someone’s clearly misunderstood the idea of sharing!

Sarcasm is forever!

What a lucky day for Dave!

Not so lucky for others...

I think I’d rather eat at home!

Singing is cool. Provided you can sing...

You’ve got to admire some people’s insolence!

Some of us use philosophical ways of problem solving...

While others prefer a more action-oriented approach

There’s nothing like bringing your own lunch to work

Having a good instruction is half of everything

The main thing in any situation is not to lose your nerve

This vending machine must’ve broken so many people’s dreams!

Everyone here is covering his own butt...

The legendary banana thief strikes again

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