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19 Heartbreaking Photos That Make Us Realize How Fragile Life Is

Life is unpredictable and you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. For example, a little boy always assumes his dad will be taking him to soccer practice every Saturday. Or a man never thinks that a regular message from his mom is going to be her last one. We just want to remind our readers that we all should treasure what we have right now and live every day to its fullest.

Bright Side found for you these very emotional pictures that will touch your heart and remind you that we may be fragile, but we are not alone.

1. “In memory of his mom he got this tattoo... It’s the soundwaves from her last voicemail she sent him.”

2. “My name is Sudan, I was the last male Northern White rhino and I died. That’s it, we are practically extinct now. All because greedy people hunted us to death. Literally.”

3. Nature has no mercy. An elderly woman is carried out of a flooded house.

4. No words needed.

5. A man makes a video call to his relatives while sitting on his belongings that he saved from a fire.

6. Everyone needs attention and help.

7. Oil spills are horrific disasters for wildlife. A rescue team cleans a pelican affected by the oil leak.

8. Staff from a dolphinarium preparing dolphins for relocation just hours before Hurricane Irma.

9. So tiny, so innocent. He needs your protection.

10. Meet Shadow, the 3-legged German shepherd. Sometimes we just need a little extra help.

11. So tiny, so defenseless, and so reliant on us...

12. Irish rugby player Brian O’Driscoll visiting a young girl in the hospital with the Heineken Cup

13. All babies need their mom, even when she doesn’t look like them.

14. Pollution is not a solution.

15. A man passes a homeless encampment under a bridge in Berlin during an unusually severe snowstorm with unexpectedly high winds and ice.

16. These eyes say more than 1,000 words.

7. These poor kids from a construction workers’ slum look at their well-to-do neighbors — can you see the difference?

18. A man walking with his 3-year-old daughter in the slum next to a former textile factory that has been closed since 2005 and once employed around 1,600 people

Which photo touched your heart the most? Do you have any pictures to add to our selection? Make sure you tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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