19 Stunt Doubles Who Are 100% Copies of Famous Actors

Behind your favorite actors are the unsung heroes, without whom, your favorite movies wouldn’t even exist. All actors have their own personal stunt people who act on their behalf but we barely even notice them since most of the time, they look incredibly similar to their counterparts.

In fact, some of them look like exact copies of the actors they play! That’s why here at Bright Side, we’ve compiled a list of stunt doubles that will make you want to look twice.

1. Keanu Reeves and Mack Kuhr — John Wick: Chapter 2

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peter Kent — Predator

3. Dwayne ’The Rock’ Johnson and Tanoai Reed — Jumanji

4. David Bowie and Dave Leavis — Labyrinth

5. Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Molinari — Now You See Me

6. Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri — Mad Max

7. Lynda Carter and Jeannie Epper — Wonder Woman

8. Alexander Skarsgård and Mark Slaughter — The Legend of Tarzan

9. Mark Wahlberg and Dan Mast —Transformers: Age of Extinction

10. Chris Pratt and Tony McFarr — Jurassic World

11. Lauren German and Lauren Shaw — Lucifer

12. Andrew Lincoln and Felipe Savahge — The Walking Dead

13. Léa Seydoux and Gemita Samarra — Spectre

14. Chris Hemsworth and Buddy Holland — The Huntsman: Winter’s War

15. Sebastian Stan with James Young — Captain America: The Winter Soldier

16. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mark Stefanich — Street Fighter

17. Grant Gustin and Cody Laudan — Flash

19. Jim Carrey and Tom Deakman — Ace Ventura

19. Gaten Matarazzo and Chris Nado — Stranger Things

Which stunt double do you think looks like an exact copy of the actor they play? Have you ever been to a movie set? Let us know in the comments!

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