20+ Facts About Brad Pitt That Snuck Under Our Radar (He’s Banned From China for Life)

It’s hard to believe, but one of the sexiest men in Hollywood is 55 years old now. Since his first appearance on the big screen, he has become a real idol for millions of people, and a great actor and producer. And soon we’ll have a chance to watch Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio playing the main roles.

Bright Side just can’t wait to watch this film in a movie theater and invites you to remember the brightest facts about the actor’s life.

The beginning of his career

William Bradley Pitt was born in the small town of Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1963 into a religious Baptist family.

After school, William studied journalism and advertising in college, but he didn’t ever work in this sphere. He went to Hollywood with $325 in his pocket. Around that time, he also stopped using his full name and just became Brad Pitt.

Before becoming a star, young Brad worked as a loader, a driver, and even an El Pollo Loco mascot. He needed money to pay for acting courses and a rented apartment. Soon he got noticed and landed roles in different films and TV series.

“I had to dance wearing a chicken costume in front of a fast food restaurant to attract people. This is how I understood the way ads work after 4 years in college.”

The first feature film with Brad Pitt, The Dark Side of the Sun, was released 10 years after shooting because a part of the film went missing during filming.

At the beginning of his career, Brad was involved in a pretty unusual project called Cool World, where actors and cartoon characters were mixed. Unfortunately, the movie failed at the box office.

Recognition and fame

The actor woke up popular after his role in the iconic Interview with the Vampire where he played together with the famous Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise.

“From Tibetan monks, I learned the 3 worst things that can happen to a person. These are beauty, fame, and wealth.”

Then he played in several legendary films like Legends of the Fall, Se7en, and Meet Joe Black. And after taking part in Seven Years in Tibet, the actor was banned from China for political reasons. But it’s said that he recently visited the country and gave autographs to Chinese fans.

By the way, Brad Pitt knows the Japanese language really well.

To make his screen image perfect, the actor had to work hard on his white smile. But soon he was invited to take part in Fight Club. Of course, his character, crazy Tyler Durden, couldn’t have perfect teeth, so Brad had to ask his dentist to make a chip on his front tooth.

To play Achilles in Troy, he gained 22 lbs of muscle and, due to strange circumstances, damaged his Achilles tendon.

Brad Pitt is the only man in the world who was recognized as the sexiest man alive twice, according to People Magazine.

“Do you know what it’s like to be Brad Pitt? It’s walking from the main entrance only when there is a red path in front of it, and on the sides there are photographers and a crowd. It is to know all the back doors and elevators for the staff and to be pressed into the corner when the maid rolls into the elevator with her cart. In the end, it is to take off the motorcycle helmet only after having already missed the entire hotel lobby and 15 floors on the elevator!”

Surprisingly, Brad hasn’t won any Oscars for his acting so far, though he was nominated 3 times. The first one was in 1996 for his secondary role in Twelve Monkeys. The next time, he was nominated in 2009 for his main role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

3 years later, the actor was nominated for an Oscar twice: as a producer in the Best Picture nomination and as an actor in Moneyball. He succeeded only once in 2014 when he finally got the award as a producer for 12 Years a Slave.

By the way, that ceremony was the one that was celebrated with a bunch of pizzas that were ordered by Ellen DeGeneres. As far as we can see, Pitt loves this food, and it’s said he tipped the delivery guy a lot.

In Hollywood, there’s a theory called The Pitt-Hanks Continuum that explains why Brad has never won the Oscar. According to this theory, there are 2 types of actors: the first one resembles Brad Pitt, the other one resembles Tom Hanks. So Brad Pitt-type actors can show their brilliant acting skills for years and still never get the award. And Tom Hanks-type actors will win the Oscars for their first successful work.

Recently a Reddit user conducted an interesting study: he calculated how much food Pitt’s characters have eaten. It turns out that the films where the actor eats a lot, are more successful at the box-office and people like them more.

In total, throughout his career, Brad has eaten an estimated 4,986 calories onscreen. In Moneyball, he consumed the biggest amount of calories. According to the research, he eats turkey most often (in 5 films).

Personal life

In his youth, Pitt was a heartbreaker. In the 80s, he dated Mike Tyson’s future wife, famous model Robin Givens.

Later he had a short relationship with actress Christina Applegate. Their love story ended when she broke up with him in public during an MTV Awards ceremony.

During their work together on Se7en, Brad started dating Gwyneth Paltrow. They were engaged but broke up soon afterward without any explanation.

The popular actor then met Jennifer Aniston in rather unusual situation: their agents arranged a kind of blind date for them. In 2000, the couple got married, but after 5 years, they broke up.

By the way, in 2001, Pitt and Aniston launched a successful production company called Plan B. Thanks to this company, famous films like Troy, The Departed, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Moonlight , World War Z, and other movies were released.

Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Jolie gave birth to their child in Namibia one year later. Then the actor became the father of the twins and adopted Angelina’s foster children. Now they have 6 children: 3 girls and 3 boys. And they all have the Jolie-Pitt surname.

“Fatherhood is the best thing I’ve ever participated in. It changes your point of view. You can write a book, make a film, or draw a picture, but having children is the most unusual thing I’ve ever done.”

The couple officially registered their marriage after 10 years together. The engagement ring was made based on sketches from the actor and it took jewelers one year to create it.

Their marriage contract consisted of 101 pages.

Before their divorce, the couple took part in a movie called By the Sea. The film tells the story of a husband and his wife who try to save their marriage. Unfortunately, this therapy didn’t work: the film got low ratings, and Jolie and Pitt divorced.

“We all leave each other one time. We’ll leave our children, our beloved. I’m really afraid of death. But I’m not afraid of life.”


Brad Pitt adores motorcycles. He has his own collection.

“I drive a motorcycle. You know, there’s this feeling of freedom: you can hear the radio from the cars and be yourself under the helmet.”

Brad Pitt has a winery in Provence and produces rosé wine labeled Miraval.

The actor loves architecture. He used to take Frank Gehry’s computer design lessons and became the coauthor of a monograph devoted to Robert Roe Blacker’s house.

In 2006, Pitt established a fund that is engaged in affordable housing financing in New Orleans for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

“There’s one thing you understand after 40: it’s OK to use the world to achieve your own goals and the main goal is to be useful to this world.”

In 2018, the actor tried to buy a “date” with actress Emilia Clarke for $120,000 at a charity auction for the Haiti Relief Fund. But Pitt lost to an unnamed gala-goer who ended the auction with a bid of $160,000. Later Clarke confessed that she regretted that Brad Pitt didn’t win.

Which of Brad Pitt’s roles you like the most? Are you excited for the new film with him to be released?

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