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20 “Miss Universe” Winners Whose Facial Expressions Are Priceless

Beauty pageants became popular in the nineteenth century, and they became international in the 1920s. The Miss Universe pageant is a famous contest that has been conducted since 1952, and its audience consists of over 500 million viewers from all over the world.

At Bright Side, we decided not to study the contestants’ dresses and hairdos. This time, we want to share that special moment of triumph with them and see how they reacted when their victory was announced.

Israel, 1976

Chile, 1987

Norway, 1990

Namibia, 1992

Puerto Rico, 1993

Trinidad and Tobago, 1998

Botswana, 1999

Russia, 2002

Australia, 2004

Canada, 2005

Japan, 2007

Angola, 2011

USA, 2012

Venezuela, 2013

Colombia, 2014

Philippines, 2015

France, 2016

South Africa, 2017

Mexico, 2020

India, 2021

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