20 People Who Can Be Called the Real Kings of Pranks

This world is full of people who just can't live without pranks. And some of them are really successful in their "hobby."

Bright Side gathered photos showing that some people were born to joke. And we must admit that they succeeded.

Never tell your colleagues who your least favorite actor is.

We turned the floor into a golf course.

"My little cousin decided to pull a prank on the dentist."

"My colleagues waited for me to return from vacation: they wrapped everything with foil."

"1,100 plastic cups filled with water for my neighbor."

"My uncle is out of town for a month and just got a new TV. Perfect opportunity for a little Photoshop prank."

"A prank for our employees. These doors are 426 ft (130 m) away from each other."

A playful war between 2 construction offices

"This shower curtain scares all our guests."

The best office prank

How to scare your colleague with the help of a "device."

It's April Fool's Day in the office.

"My neighbors went to the cinema to watch It. When they come home, it'll be already dark outside."

"Returned home after a long business trip. Found a storage room instead of MY room."

"Left the campus for a while and asked my friends to look after my room. That's what they did."

"I couldn't find my mug after vacation. Now I've finally found it."

"At least I know the reason for such generosity."

There is wasabi in the small jar. The perfect crime.

Just the right way to create a mystery!

"My wife wanted her sandwich cut in half. She was non-specific as to how."

Well, there are really lots of ways to prank people! And all pranksters should remember that someone can pay them back in the same coin.

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