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20+ People Who Don’t Understand How They Could Have Looked Like This When They Were Teenagers

Many of us feel shy when we look at our teenage photos. However, there are people who don’t take their photos so seriously, and they are not afraid to show the world what they used to look like.

Bright Side has collected 20+ photos of very brave teenagers that make their adult selves laugh now.

25. "I started making a cool face way before it was mainstream."

24. "I found this photo. I’m 13 here."

23. "I played Jesus Christ in high school."

22. "When I was 13, I had the worst haircut ever."

21. "When I was 14, I had a few pairs of sunglasses, and I seriously thought that I looked cool."

20. "When I was 14, I was very close to starting a career as a model."

19. "Everyone treated me with respect, even though I fell asleep while watching my bags. I was too young to understand the fun of the situation."

18. "I’m 14. I’m trying to impress a cute guy."

17. "I thought I was the coolest student in 6th grade with these spikes of dyed hair."

16. "This was the last time I cut my hair myself."

15. "In 6th grade, I really wanted to be a raccoon."

14. "Me in 2012. Not my best year..."

13. "The summer of 2002 was really hot."

12. “When I was 13 years old, I went to a party where girls were supposed to be dressed like boys and vice versa. I think I went too far.”

11. "I thought this way I looked cooler than I really was."

10. "When I was 12, I was sure this was the best makeup for every day."

9. "My friend in the 2000s."

8. "This was either 4th or 5th grade. I have no idea what’s going on here."

7. "I thought it would be really fun to hit a can of spray paint with a hammer."

6. "I’m 13, and I have no idea what’s up with my bangs."

5. "In my youth, I had this haircut because I wanted to look like the bass guitarist from Mudvayne."

4. "My cool photo from the 1996 high school album."

3. "What’s up with the balloons? Am I a boy or a girl?"

2. "I had a graduation party in 2004, and I took this mop with me."

1. "I looked like I was 70 when I really was 13."

Do you like looking at your old photos? Tell us in the comment section about how cool you used to be in your teenage years!

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