20 People Who Failed to Take a Cool Selfie, and the Whole Internet Loved It

We think that people who take great selfies are from another planet because we've all taken lots of disastrous ones ourselves. But photos don't have to be perfect.

Bright Side presents 20 pics proving that even weird selfies can be really cool.

20. A selfie in a labor ward: isn't it perfect?

19. When a kangaroo agreed to take a pic with you but changed its mind:

18. Just don't drop your selfie stick.

17. Professionalism: God level

16. And suddenly you understand that your girlfriend isn't the girl you think she is.

15. A nose, a beer, a camera. What else do you need?

14. This is the most photogenic zebra I've ever seen.

13. This is what happens if you aren't happy for your team's victory.

12. Keeping calm is just what you need.

11. Stop writing on T-shirts.

10. When you decide not to take a picture with the monkeys, but it's too late:

9. Once again: never drop your selfie stick.

8. Everyone loves group shots. Especially your wife when you're getting a divorce.

7. That very moment when I envy myself.

6. You can't imagine how painful it is.

5. In one second, something will touch his leg.

4. Just a selfie. Just a coyote.

3. My boyfriend likes to take pics of me...and I always feel embarrassed.

2. They all had birds sitting on their hands before she decided to take a selfie.

1. I suddenly understood that I had arachnophobia.

Bonus: How to take selfies correctly

These people weren't scared to show their funny selfies, and some even became internet stars. Share your selfie fails in the comments!

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