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20 People Who Got Really Creative at Costumes

There’s no fun like the fun at a costume party. They are the absolute best! If you have one coming up, we believe you’ll look your best no matter who you choose to be. And here’s even more inspiration for you.

Bright Side made a list of people who struck costume gold and made us hold our breath.

Rock your bald with a Voldemort cosplay.

I don’t see it quite sewn on, but it’s still cool!

Good boy, Cerber!

“Eagle has left the building, repeat...”

The one with 2 ears!

Deportation costume

When the one who inspired your costume sees you:

This Pikachu is out of power.

I see what you did there.

Pain and wit

Who you gonna call? (Ghostbusters!)

Your Ratatouille is showing.

Cartman is shocked.

Jon Snow White, King of the Northern dwarves

Nice “Sims” tribute!

Evil Queen, you have changed!

Who said you can’t use a toilet seat as a costume?

Close enough!

Creativity looks good on him!

Is that a costume or a sculpture?

The costuming talents of these people are strong! Would you happen to know any awesome costumes you’d like to share? Don’t be shy!

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