20+ People Who Have Mastered the Art of Ninja Disguise

Girls are always nervous about wearing the same dress as somebody else for fear of looking similar, but what about having a dress that will make you blend in with your surroundings? If you want to attract attention, this is a problem; if you want to hide from annoying reality, it's exactly what you need!

We at Bright Side found examples of the best disguises ever! We wonder if they were on purpose, though.

Human package

This guy wanted to illegally cross the border. In this way, he must've succeeded.

Spy socks

We hope he was found by those waiting for him at this airport...

Armchair warriors

Mom: "Peter, go and wash the dishes!"

Me: ...

Girl of cubism

An easy way to move in with your boyfriend: just sit like this on his couch. It's done.

Leopard planking

Mom: "Sarah, wake up! You're going to be late!"

Me: "There is no Sarah here!"

The Matrix failed again.

This guy was so in love with this outfit that he just had to buy it all.


A cool way not to pay for the bus ride.

Me Gusto Man

- I want a couch!

- OK, which color do you want?

- Exactly the same as my T-shirt.

- Say no more!

Shady lady

That moment when you see somebody you don't want to talk to...

Vincent Vega's nightmare

Now the taxi will never find her.

Queen of the beach

When you wanted to go to the beach so much that you even bought "beach" swimwear. In case you don't go, at least you can gaze at your swimsuit.

Best employee of the month

That moment when you're a consultant in a shop and customers ask you the same thing over and over again...

Camouflage level 100

An easy way to make your legs look slimmer:

1. Put on tights the same color as the carpet.

2. Done! Nobody sees your legs at all.

Winner in life

When you're going to apply for a job in a railway company and want to show how much you're obsessed with this vacancy.


They just finished repairs and had some leftover carpet, so this person decided to put it to good use.

Looking like a highlighter is the new fashion.

It was the 4th hour of lessons. We were surviving as best we could...

Rocking girl

This girl is just happy that everybody will finally leave her alone.

Who killed Laura Palmer?

This lady is just hiding from annoying fellows somewhere in the club.

Blank sheet

When you ask to go to the bathroom during the exam and you don't want to go back.

Mystery shopper

This woman simply wants to sit with her food in the restaurant.

Yeah, that was pretty weird. These guys can hide better than ninjas, and some of them could easily win an award for the best furniture cosplay.

Have you ever had a similar situation? If so, was it on purpose or not? Share your photos of your perfect camouflages in the comments!

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