20 People Who Seem to Have Gone a Little Too Far

It’s hard to argue with the fact that whatever you do, you should do it as effectively as possible. However, it seems that the people from this article may have taken this advice a bit too literally. The desire for a “perfect outcome” made someone burn a wedding dress, fill a car with “positive vibrations,” and even fall into a pool for the sake of a cool photo. The bonus at the end of the article may remind you of your college professors!

Bright Side offers you to look at 20 situations when people wanted to do their best but went a little too far.

“My classmates broke up and had a break-up photoshoot.”

This is how this woman decided to celebrate her divorce:

A true fan: a guy collected all 1,262 games released for Wii.

This man collected all $1 casino chips from every casino in Las Vegas:

“My collection of empty lighters.”

When you want to sell an overcoat online but don’t feel like showing your face:

Can these positive vibrations be more important than your safety?

A wedding photographer wanted to capture every detail but took it too far.

“My friend used a food processor on potatoes before boiling them “for faster-mashed potatoes.”

A drugstore overdid it with all the ad coupons in one receipt.

Could that drug instruction be any longer?

A designer of this shower cabin tried to make it more comfortable. It turned out to be a little too comfortable.

“I gathered all unnecessary sticky tape and rolled it up into a ball. Here’s what it looks like.”

Hospital authorities installed a colon-looking arch to promote colon cancer screenings.

This restaurant serves bread in the most creative way — in a fur bag.

“I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed. Here’s what she did.”

A guy couldn’t decide which watches would match his underwear, so he decided to wear them all at once.

You should wear the fanciest dress for school photos.

Bonus: a college professor makes latecomers dance in front of the class.

Have you ever done something you later felt was a bit too much? Share your stories in the comments!

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