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18 People Who Totally Rock Their Age


Scientists have confirmed that as we age, being happy in our relationships determines our health much more than having good genes does. Those who are the most satisfied with their close ties turn out to be the healthiest at the age of 80. With some people, it gets harder and harder to guess their actual age, as they look even more gorgeous with every passing year.

Bright Side has gathered pictures of 18 people who think age is just a random number that doesn't determine anything at all. We're sure that many people wish they could age as gracefully as the people on this list do.

1. Tatyana Nekludova, 61 years old

This gorgeous woman is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 3. She used to be an engineer, but as she turned 60, her life changed. Tatyana was invited to star in a movie and then had her first modeling auditions. Now she’s a model and an inspiration to many women.

2. Ivan Petkov, 53 years old

Being a certified art teacher, Ivan used to work at a school. Then he started drawing sketches for theatre decorations and even took part in theatre performances and movies. Ivan is now a senior model, changing the way people perceive age and style.

3. Veruschka von Lehndorff, 79 years old

Many fashion models retire in their late 20s, but not Veruschka. She used to be an icon in the ’60s and made a triumphant return to the industry at the age of 78. She became the new face of the Swedish brand Acne Studios, rocking her look like never before!

4. Alessandro Manfredini, 49 years old

This handsome Italian man is a former sculptor and graphic designer who turned into a fashion model. His beautifully-shaped silver beard became his trademark. Now he represents brands with dignity and a chic style.

5. Whang-od Oggay, 101 years old

This woman is the Philippines’ oldest tattoo artist. Just think about it: she’s 101 years old and still does what she loves most of all, which is giving people tattoos. She does it using an old technique: using a thorn, a bamboo stick, coal and water. Would you consider getting a tattoo done by this woman?

6. Jim Arrington, 85 years old

This fit man is the world’s oldest professional bodybuilder. He’s been into this sport since the age of 15 and still remains active. He totally rocks his age!

7. Maye Musk, 70 years old

The whole world knows her son, Elon Musk, a billionaire and the CEO of Tesla. However, Maye herself isn’t just a proud mother — she also makes her family proud of her striking, never-aging beauty. She became a Covergirl at age 69 and is a model and recognized nutritionist. She definitely knows what and when to eat in order to look great!

8. Wang Deshun, 82 years old

This is China’s hottest grandfather, who’s not afraid to display his bare chest on the runway. Wang says he joined the gym when he was 50 years old but his daily exercise routine became pretty intense with time. Never give up — that’s Wang’s motto.

9. Anthony Varrecchia, 55 years old

Anthony Varrecchia is a model, a photographer and an influencer on Instagram. This man definitely knows the secret of how to embrace grey hair and wrinkles — they are no hindrance to his attractiveness.

10. Lauren Hutton, 74 years old

Lauren Hutton is an American model and actress who became really famous in the 1980s, but her career didn’t end back then. She continues to star in movies and was recently featured in a Calvin Klein underwear campaign. Once a star, always a star!

11. Ron Jack Foley, 50 years old

You’re probably wondering, “What’s his secret?” Mr. Foley could easily compete with a young man when it comes to being fit and strong. He insists it’s important to eat healthily and to do sports. It’s as simple as that. Are you still planning to skip the gym today?

12. Robert Marchand, 106 years old

This man keeps pedaling, no matter what! Robert Marchand holds several world records and he got them all after he turned 100 years old. Even though he doesn’t compete anymore, he still rides a stationary bike in his apartment.

13. Eveline Hall, 72 years old

One might think this fabulous woman has always been on the covers of the most famous magazines, but in fact, it wasn’t until her mid-’60s that she started a successful career in this industry. Eveline is a role model for every woman who’s concerned about ageing and losing her natural grace.

14. Majorie Gilbert, 102 years old

This graceful woman who seems to be posing so professionally isn’t really a model. In fact, she posed just once in her life, but for a very special occasion. Vogue celebrated its 100th edition and decided to feature a woman of the same age on the cover. Majorie’s example proves that it’s never too late to try something new.

15. Philippe Dumas, 62 years old

There’s something about beards that are truly life-changing. For example, Philippe Dumas’s life used to be quite ordinary, but everything changed after he decided to grow his beard. He started to draw attention and took the world of fashion by storm. Now Philippe embraces his 60s with both arms!

16. Yazemeenah Rossi, 63 years old

You’ve probably already heard about this woman who has the appearance and the inner glow of a young girl. We couldn’t leave Yasmina Rossi out of this article. She is a grandmother and refuses to dye her hair, but when one looks at her, the only question they have is: “Where is the magic fountain she drinks from?”

17. Chuando Tan, 51 years old

Yes, you read it right — this guy with the baby-face skin is in his 50s! We’d say he looks half his age. Chuando is from Singapore and works as a photographer. Well, he might have a portrait of himself hidden somewhere in the closet that gets uglier and older with every passing year...

18. Ernestine Shepherd, 81 years old

Would you ever guess that this gorgeous strong woman is over 80? Ernestine is a professional bodybuilder, but she hasn’t always been that fit. She used to be chubby but in her 50s she decided to change her life and embark on a new fitness journey. Now she’s known as the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world. It’s so important to stay determined and disciplined!

Which of these stories was the most inspiring? Do you know anyone who totally rocks their age? Share your experience in the comments below.