20 Photographs Showing That Hard Work Always Pays Off Well

Every person has his or her own definition of happiness. However, it's very pleasing to see the results of your work, and to know that all of your efforts were not made in vain. We should share our success with others, no matter if our achievement is big or small. Perhaps, one day, you'll inspire someone with your story.

Bright Side collected 20 stories from people who revealed their personal achievements. We hope that they'll never stop and will continue to strive to fulfil their dreams.

1. "I applied to 11 universities in 5 different states, applied for 2 scholarships, and got into all of them!"

2. "2 years of savings, 6 months of working 2 jobs 15 hours every day, and finally I got into a language school that's on the other side of the world"

3. "Perhaps, some people won't see it as a big achievement, but my team won a softball championship after 5 years of hard work"

4. "6 months of work, and my perfect Ironman suit made with a printer is ready"

5. A gigantic pike as a gift for my patience

6. You shouldn't be ashamed of being illiterate. Diligence is something that really matters.

"My landlord's daughter is the same age as me. She studied at school, at college, and then at university. Recently she married a wealthy man and refused to find a job. She believes that her parents should pay all of her expenses. My landlord calls me illiterate, but my salary helps my parents to live in a good house and to buy good food. The money that I get for the extra hours I work helps my younger sisters to study. The work that I am doing is my dignity. In this case, I am happy to be illiterate."

7. "The first watch that I bought for myself"

"I am a 4th-year student, and the only watch that I ever had is an ordinary Fossil one that my girlfriend gave me for my birthday. I wore it every day for 3 years until I dropped it and it broke. That happened almost 2 years ago. I haven't been able to afford a new watch since then. This summer, I made it my goal to work hard and buy a new watch. Finally, I achieved what I had wanted for so long. I'm really glad that I bought it, and I don't regret the efforts I made to buy it.

8. "I've worked 2 jobs since I was 16, and finally got enough money to buy this beauty"

9. "I never spent a single penny on myself, and I'm happy about that"

"20 years ago, I moved to Dhaka with 3 little kids to teach maths. My day started at 7 in the morning and ended at 11 in the evening. I didn't use public transportation and walked 8 kilometers a day; I didn't eat practically anything, and I saved money for my children's education. Now my daughter is a doctor, my elder son is an engineer, my younger son studies at Dhaka University. 4 years ago I bought a drugstore with my savings and stopped teaching. All my dreams came true thanks to my hard work and determination".

10. "A few months of hard work and here is my first harvest"

11. "Finally, the hard work in the garden has begun to pay off"

12. "My house is now filled with the aroma of amazing flowers that I grew myself"

13. "6 months of fighting for my beautiful skin"

14. "These are the French croissants that I was cooking for more than 3 days. However, I'm proud of what I did. I gave half a dozen to my parents and the rest to my elderly neighbor"

15. "Me at middle school and now. The change is obvious"

16. Thanks to regular practise, this petite blonde girl could tame the iron beast

17. "I grew up in a very poor family and I'm proud that my kids have all this"

18. "My practice has paid off. I'm getting closer to realism"

19. "This is my first dog. I always wanted a dog but my mother is allergic to them. When we moved in with my fiancee, we got to take this guy from a shelter"

20. "All my socks are part of a matching pair. What a success!"

What achievements are you proud of? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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