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20+ Photos Showing the Joy of Doing Something for the Very First Time

Everything happens for the first time at some point in life. And your emotions and the things you learn from these experiences are the brightest.

Bright Side gathered photos of people doing things for the first time and having the best reactions. And you know what? They are priceless!

This dog just tasted peanut butter for the first time.

Sledding for the first time!

"My daughters meet their baby brother for the first time."

A dog sticks his head out the car window.

Meeting a new family member for the first time

You don’t see ballerinas on a daily basis.

When technology reaches the farthest corners of the world:

My dog saw a moose for the first time.

"Team Rwanda sees snow for the first time ever."

A very unexpected meeting

"The first time I held my baby cousin, we were equally confused."

This cat is seeing a watermelon for the first time.

This woman is meeting her great-granddaughter for the first time.

This cat is seeing its first Christmas tree.

"My son seeing snow for the first time."

This kid is having the ride of his life.

First time at the beach

"We took my grandma to Hawaii for the first time."

Their first walk

An elderly couple is visiting the sea for the first time.

This is her first dog bed after they rescued her from a shelter.

"My sister meeting a dog for the first time."

When you get your first bike for Christmas:

His very first winter

Their first meeting in a shelter

This girl is playing in the rain for the first time.

Tell us in the comments which photo you liked the most. Or you can share photos of your most exciting life experience!

Preview photo credit TheBioArm/reddit, amwalen/imgur
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