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15+ Photos That Can Make Your Heart Skip a Beat and Then Some

Every photo in this article is a short story about kindness, mercy, and overcoming life struggles. Just have a look at the mother who is listening to her daughter’s heartbeat in another man’s chest, the emotional husband holding a duvet made of his deceased wife’s clothing, or the soldiers who feed Australian koalas like newborn babies. These photos can make you feel life in all its beauty and prove once again that there’s always time to perform good deeds.

We at Bright Side often come across photos that touch our hearts and give us emotions that we won’t soon forget. And although most of these stories have a bit of sadness in them, they still can inspire us to be a bit kinder.

A member of a medical team saying goodbye to his wife before leaving for Wuhan to help fight coronavirus

This man lost his wife after 50 years of marriage. His daughter made a quilt of her clothes to make him feel closer to his wife.

A mother is listening to her daughter’s heartbeat who became an organ donor for this man.

A little daughter of a fire service volunteer wearing his helmet and his service medal

A police officer helping this man go down the stairs

A choir came to the hospice today to sing for the patients in the palliative ward.

This man was giving free haircuts to the homeless.

“I found a note to me from my grandfather 6 years after he passed away.”

It’s never about how much money you have.

Every time DeAndre Hopkins scores, he finds his mom who lost her sight many years ago and gives her the touchdown ball. One of the best traditions in sports.

Australian soldiers traded in their rest time to help the Cleland Wildlife Park care for displaced koalas.

These volunteers saved a puppy from a burning house and performed CPR on it.

When it’s finally raining in Australia:

What events inspire you the most? Do you believe that kindness can change the world? Tell us your thoughts!