20 Real Life Makeovers That Turned Out to Be Much Cooler Than on Any Live Show

At least once in a lifetime everyone tries to lose weight, quit smoking, or master a new skill. We all know how hard it can be sometimes. But don't let that deter you because positive changes can happen just as often as failures. We found some striking evidence of this fact.

Bright Side wants you to look at the amazing results that people can achieve when they find inner strength for the sake of a happy future.

"I've lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness, and a little facial hair."

"I gained weight - from 89 to 120 pounds after battling an eating disorder!"

"It's been 500 days since I quit drinking and 1 year since I started lifting weights."

"I decided to learn how to draw, and this is 6 years of progress."

"I quit drinking when my daughter turned one year old. I've been 5 years sober since."

12 inches off my waist.

"As of today, I'm 4 years clean from drugs. I have a career, a house, a dog, and a fiancé. It was a struggle, but it's definitely worth it."

"Struggling with insane depression and awful self-confidence. Decided to chop off my hair after 10 years of being a lazy hippie. I've never felt anything more invigorating."

"This is my friend Lance, he has cerebral palsy. He wants people to know that no matter how hard life is, never give up."

A Kenyan man gave up drugs and a life of being homeless thanks to his childhood friend.

"I decided to have surgery. It's been 3 weeks now and I feel like a brand new lady."

"I quit drinking 3 years ago."

"My wife and I have a combined weight loss of 160 pounds."

Before and after the braces.

"From 173 lbs down to 117 lbs, never going back!"

"One year sober."

"For 6 years I'd been trying to drink more than anyone, I suffered from depression and was overweight. I'm 1.5 years sober today."

"5 years ago I had suicidal thoughts, but now that's in the past. Thank you for the support."

"After living my whole life hating myself, I can finally say I feel pretty. Loving yourself is hard but I'm on my way."

"I've been wanting to try stand-up comedy for years and finally managed to overcome my fear and get on stage. Got some good laughs too!"

Do you know any examples of how a major decision changed someone's life for the better? Share you stories with us in the comments.

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