19 Striking Photos That Prove a Beard Makes Men Irresistibly Attractive

Stylish men often grow a beard. They are sometimes called lumbersexuals that derives from the word “lumberjack.”

Recent studies have shown that bearded men attract women more. All because it makes a man look more mature and masculine, while women subconsciously start to perceive bearded men as better fathers.

Bright Side looked through many photos of various men on social media and got once again convinced that a beard really makes a big difference in the appearance.

1. From a boy to a man...

2. Is it really him? Even his eyes have changed.

3. Taking care of a beard like this requires as much time and as much effort as taking care of long hair.

4. It seems he was quite attractive before the transformation as well.

5. We wondered how he would look without long hair and with a beard. Here's how!

6. A 13-day difference

7. Transformed into a bearded man

8. The first beard

9. He got mature.

10. His hair color has changed too.

11. The difference between these photos is 5 years.

12. Even his look became more stern.

13. +100,500 points to his attractiveness

14. "For me, looking at old pictures is like traveling back in time and watching a mental movie of someone else's life."

15. Plus beard, minus glasses - and we can see a completely different face.

16. It's a total transformation!

17. He should have grown a beard a long time ago.

18. The smile remained the same.

19. A totally different person

Do you like men more with or without a beard? Let’s vote in the comments!

Preview photo credit filippomelloni / instagram
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