20 Teachers With an Awesome Sense of Humor

Being a teacher is hard work. However, teachers who become creative at work are just priceless and awesome!

Bright Side will tell you about amazing teachers who are always on top and know exactly what to do to make their students study.

20. Today in chemistry class we learned how to consume a demon.

19. "Imagine waking up for an 8 a.m. class, and this is what you walk in and see..."

18. "My teacher made a fantastic costume."

17. Just do what the teacher says.

16. We trust her without a doubt!

15. The principal created a charity fund: $1 for a piece of duct tape to stick him to a wall. Here's how much he raised:

14. Our professor brought a coffin to class to show how the test results killed him.

13. This professor loves trolling his students on Instagram.

12. In the US, a teacher turned an ordinary classroom into Hogwarts.

11. This anatomy teacher in China is a genius.

10. When you have to visualize the material:

9. When your teacher always dreamed of being a centurion:

8. Anything goes, and everything is used to attract students' attention.

7. "Epic teacher is epic."

6. When you don't want to decide who should answer next:

5. In the US, a professor couldn't leave her 7-year-old son alone at home. So she brought him to her class and dressed him as Godzilla so he wouldn't get bored.

4. Cool teacher Severus Snape

3. Teachers can come up with hilarious jokes.

2. They are people too.

1. I didn't see this coming.

Do your teachers do anything like this? Share your stories and photos in the comments.

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