20 Times Parents Showed Their Kids How to Become Popular on the Internet

It's better to show than tell how the older generation conquers the internet.

Bright Side has a compilation of funny and cute pics of our parents dealing with gadgets. You should have a look!

20. My father doesn't know how to use a selfie camera to take a photo of his new stove and him together. But he creates awesome collages!

19. My 90-year-old granny uses a superzoom function.

18. My mom uses Snapchat to threaten me.

17. My granny started to work as a biscuit maker after she had been diagnosed with asthma. She decided to inform Facebook.

16. I found this photo in my mailbox. My granny took a selfie and sent it in the mail. Not by email.

15. My parents didn't know they had to insert a web address when completing an online request. That's why they inserted their home address.

14. My father tried to print a video.

13. My dad can't understand why his laptop isn't charging.

12. My granny printed some screenshots of Facebook photos. She didn't know how to save them.

11. Emily's dad didn't understand that she needed bricks for an online game, so he offered her some from his backyard.

10. Granny's taking a selfie via a front-facing camera.

9. My granny asked me to fix her computer because "everything moved backward." Look at her mouse.

8. - Will you please look after the kids in the garden?

- Is there a good Wi-Fi signal?

7. My dad bought a selfie stick and sent me a pic.

6. So many questions. But there's only one answer.

5. My mom thinks Twitter is really asking her "What's happening?" That's why she always answers with "Nothing."

4. My grandma requested Facebook to post pics from Christmas. She thought it worked automatically.

3. My granny uses one cool filter.

2. This woman printed the comments under a Facebook post so she could read them.

1. With our help, our uncle discovered Photoshop. A week later he sent this picture.

Do those people resemble your parents and grandparents? Share your own amazing and funny stories in the comments!

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