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21 Inventive People Who Found a Different Way to Look at Ordinary Things

Great innovators and inventors always have a special attitude toward life and are always looking for ways to improve things. Internet users have not yet made scientific breakthroughs, but they can often offer a new way of looking at the world.

Bright Side has collected 21 pictures for you that will make you look at the world around you in a new way.

While we’re living in 2019, this guy’s living in 3019.

That’s how packman looks full-frontal, I guess...

“My daughter said that this bottle opener looks like a parrot.”

Forget about the wooden spatula, the grill from the oven is what really keeps the foam from escaping.

“This bruise looks like a tiny shoe print on my hand.”

The main rule when buying Easter candy is to wait until after Easter!

“All Easter candy is 70% off.”

“My photograph of the moon made through a telescope looks like I made it from the space station’s porthole.”

It works, so why not?

“I see a centaur. Do you see it?”

“The blanket on my bed looks like a desert.”

Why not complete the picture of “American Gothic” with a real pitchfork?

These drops of water on the washing machine look like bloated paint.

When you don’t have a smarphone stand:

“My boyfriend has his own idea for the correct way to use duct tape.”

The office pet can not only bring joy but can also be pretty useful.

This is what “leave it under under the doormat” means to some people.

Who said that only dogs should be walked?

“Someone in my neighborhood thinks that the trees should look a little brighter.”

“When my cat yawns, it looks like he’s singing.”

“A friend needed a camera trolley to shoot a film, we had to improvise.”

“A bath bomb turned my bath into a galaxy.”

What things have you looked at from a different angle recently?

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