21 People Who Are So Photogenic It’s Ridiculous

Have you ever had those moments when you feel you look absolutely gorgeous but when somebody takes a picture of you, it's anything but beautiful? Well, the guys below obviously haven't. In fact, it seems to be just the opposite with them: when the time and place couldn't be more wrong, their shots are so perfect, it's ridiculous.

We at Bright Side selected some of the most photogenic people in the world. We mean, just look at them!

First shot:

This baby is a natural-born photo model. He was inside a belly just a few seconds ago and now he's already posing in front of the camera.

Super photogenic baby:

"Hey, baby, I'm going to become the most important man in your life!"

A moment before the inevitable:

Can't imagine her reaction 2 seconds later, but she probably won't be smiling.

Wonder woman:

Some people can act like nothing happened even after they get shot!

Beyond photogenic:

Even if he's losing, he's still winning.

Probably the most handsome criminal ever:

We wonder what he's guilty of? Forcible entry into someone's heart?

Lady on fire 1:

She seems so untroubled by the giant fire behind her...

Lady on fire 2:

It seems that these women know a certain secret about fire and how to not be afraid of it.

Fake runner?

How could this guy look so good after running a few kilometers? Seems like he was just walking by and decided to pretend that he's participating in the marathon.

Police duties:

What exactly was in his job description?

Good friends always meet again.

This looks like the friendliest arrest ever.

Complete concentration:

She must have practiced a LOT if she can jump without looking!

The only good photo of a fan and a celebrity:

Seems like they're both made of wax. Too good to be true.

Family portrait:

The kid is a chip off the old block.

Perfect posing in all possible conditions:

Making the best out of the worst.

Out of a magazine?

The most stunning wakeboarder ever!

Favorite moment:

Where is everyone else looking?

Mr. Photogenic

This guy must have a superpower! It's just impossible to look so good on a water slide.

Magic moment:

Is this what "love at first sight" looks like?

Everything is OK!

What a positive boy. I can see his face with this hand on a pack of cookies or cereals.

Slumdog supermodel

This homeless guy looks even better than some models. We won't be surprised if some agency already signed him.

What are these, in your opinion? Strokes of luck or natural gifts? Have you or your friends had such moments of glory? Share with us!

Preview photo credit SupaJon/Imgur, Reddit
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