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21 People Who Aren’t Afraid to Seem Too Bizarre

People tend to depend on someone else’s opinion and the habit of accepting the this opinion of the crowd came from our past. The ancient man was afraid to be rejected by the tribe because he wouldn’t survive alone. However, in the modern world, you’ll meet people who have their own views on beauty and don’t care about someone else’s laughs and weird looks.

Bright Side collected pictures of these people. Being around them can make even the gloomiest day become brighter and the mood improve automatically. Let’s charge up with positive energy from these people.

21. Say “hello” to Sponge Bob.

20. When you feel at home everywhere.

19. I’m not sure if this is legal.

18. What would you call this costume? A snow leopard? A human dalmation?

17. Happiness is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

16. “For a second, I thought that was the most epic afro I’d ever seen.”

15. Spring has arrived!

14. “They told me I could be anything I wanted. So, I became a pineapple.”

13. “My friend had a medieval style wedding. And this is her grandpa’s suit.”

12. This is a real best friend.

11. When someone says, “Don’t take life too seriously”:

10. An outfit for those who love ramen.

9. When you are a master of your craft and you want everyone to know it:

8. Pikachu exists! Catch him!

7. Protected by a stormtrooper

6. “I want to look like a flat screen TV...” — “Say no more!”

5. The perfect look to go shopping in:

4. When you want to show everyone that you’re successful and it’s your first time in the subway:

3. A flight from Egypt has just landed.

2. Going home after a long day at work.

1. A study “The guy is drunk.”

You have probably witnessed these types of people on the subway or on the city streets? Maybe you yourself love to stand out in the crowd. Share your stories and impressions in the comments.

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