21 People Who Can Always Find a Reason to Laugh

The ability to gracefully cope with problems and laugh at yourself is an art.

Bright Side gathered some pictures of people who do it to perfection.

Josh Sundquist, who lost his leg, creates interesting costumes each Halloween.

4 Sikh friends dress up like this for Halloween.

This girl lost her arm in a car accident, and this is her Tinder profile.

This is what happens to everyone who speaks about Christmas in November.

This pilot's trolling passengers at the airport.

"My girlfriend was out of town, so my dog and I finally had the dinner we're always putting off."

"I wanted to decorate a pumpkin but...whatever."

Security guards are prankers too.

This doctor got stuck in the elevator and decided to create a survival story.

Snowmen can be different.

This guy thought about everything ahead when he was photographed for his school photo album.

That's how everyone should run a marathon.

"Got the best business card from a guy after he hit on my girlfriend this weekend."

"Rate my progress in art."

"The one time I needed school riddles."

This guy dressed up as a store worker on Halloween. They made him work.

"My boss and I had an ugly sweater competition."

"Irma, please accept this offering."

"Hanging with my cousin during Irma. We sent this to his mom."

When desperation isn't for you at all.

"Thumbs up!"

Do you know people who never lose heart? Do they inspire you and help you keep your head up? Tell us about them in the comments!

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