22 Photos Proving Our Grandparents Were Cooler Than Us

We often treat our grandmas and grandpas tolerably. Grandparents will be grandparents: they think Facebook is a kind of notebook. But we're just helpless nestlings in comparison to them. Their life was harder, but they had fun anyway. And they didn't care about Facebook.

Today Bright Side shares some pics of our young grandparents hanging out.

"My granny's on a farm. She smokes, wears pants, and does what she wants." (1938)

"My grandpa could have become a meme hero if they'd had the internet in 1952."

"My grandpa (on the left) and his friends with beautiful strangers." (1940s)

"My grandma and her mate during the Second World War."

"My friend's grandpa in California." (1940s)

"My grandparents in 1945. They were married for 45 years and met again in heaven in June 2012."

"My grandpa and a car he stole from the Nazis."

"Don't mess with my granny from North Dakota!"

"My grandpa wears a leather jacket with shorts and doesn't care about anything." (1950s)

"My grandparents and their motorcycle in the 1950s."

"My friend's grandparents are going to a costume party." (1954)

"My great-grandpa (in the middle) with his band in Argentina at the end of the 19th century."

"My crazy granny in the early 1940s."

"My granny was a traffic controller. She would live to be almost 100 years old."

"My grandpa and my mom. Ready to ride." (1971)

"My granddad at law school in the 1950s."

"My grandma was a welder during the Second World War."

"My cool grandpa after a robber's arrest."

"I found this picture from the 1930s: my grandparents were good looking!"

"My granddad with the features of that time: a book in his belt and cigarettes in his sleeve."

"Tony Danza, Sylvester and Frank Stallone, and my great-grandpa (on the right) after a gym workout." (1979)

"My granddad (on the left) looked like a hipster before it was mainstream." (1950s)

Preview photo credit kittenkisses/imgur
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