23 People Who Can Lie Through Their Teeth Without Even Blushing

What if we consider craftiness as a person’s character trait? In the previous century, scientists concluded that our species wouldn’t have become as great if it weren’t for our ability to cheat — in other words, the ability to solve problems in a creative and effective way. Well, some people really do have quite a lot of tricks up their sleeves!

Bright Side gathered 23 examples of people who were sure they’d get away with their tricks.

“My boyfriend took a picture of me sleeping.”

Which came first — the Instagram corn or the Google corn?

A boyfriend with a good head on his shoulders

Even doors melt.

This man can’t even follow his own rules.

You don’t always get what you see...

“Look, I’m finally on vacation!”

“My new ride at the car wash.”

“I told my teacher that I had been hospitalized.”

“The moment you realize you were bamboozled because the bar was just a ruse to get you to pay full price for half the product.”

“April Fool’s played on my fiancé. Blamed it on the kid.”

When gold foil can make you cool and rich:

Because “DOGLADY” was already taken.

“Mom got me a MacBook.”

When you lied on your resume but still got the job:

When your bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, a sink, and a teleporting machine:

“My mom wanted all the people Photoshopped out of this pic of my dad as if he rented this seaquarium.”

Almost Porsche

The very last one right behind the last one!

You just need some sand and the correct angle to get on the beach.

Someone’s lying...

No one will notice.

When your perfect plan failed:

Have you ever tried to trick someone? Did it work? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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