25 Brilliant Ideas to Solve Peculiar Problems

We all have to deal with different minor issues every day, and their solutions can vary widely. Some people prefer proven recipes, but there are always a few who try to apply a truly creative approach.

Bright Side put together 25 brilliant solutions from people who can easily be called "Masters of Ideas."

The adjustment knob in my car broke. My father came up with the solution.

The problem of doing the dishes is solved for good.

The broken door didn’t stop the quick-witted owners from doing their everyday laundry.

An abrupt snowfall is no longer a problem.

It can be the perfect fridge.

The cheap version of Google Glass.

The goat regularly got its horns stuck in a fence, so the owners decided to get rid of the problem...

My friends’ puppy always ran away from their yard through gaps in the fence. Here’s what they did...

If 4 puppies need to be fed simultaneously...

A shelter for an unwelcome guest.

Why would we need a bricklayer if we have duct tape?

When your hands are tired from holding the phone but you still want to see the movie.

The repair is expensive. So why bother?

Comfort is the main thing.

Careful road workers decided not to cut down the branch, so they marked it with light-reflective signs to prevent accidents.

The highest score for creativity.

For those who always forget their beach towels.

A true driver always finds the best solution.

A second life for the office chair.

A multifunctional coffee machine.

The daughter got chewing gum stuck in her hair. Her father came to the rescue.

The clock still shows the correct time...with a bit of help.

There were no grills in the supermarket, but there were shopping carts.

A quick way to learn Chinese.

Engineers solve any problem in a truly creative way.

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