25 Ideas From People Who Know How to Use Useless Stuff

We usually throw out everything that is not needed anymore. But some people find a way to give junk a second life.

Bright Side put together 25 examples of ideas that show not only creativity but usefulness as well.

25. Ingenious use of a plastic bottle

24. A lounge chair right out of the supermarket

23. A hookah made of old spare parts

22. A very simple method of grilling...sausages

21. Excellent decoration of the bar counter

20. Just a crocodile made of old computer mice

19. Original kitchen lampshades

18. The armor of a knight who likes to save

17. Have you ever wondered what to do with old tennis rackets? Here are some ideas!

16. A fridge made from an old computer base unit

15. A magical transformation of spoons into lampshades

14. An outdoor grill made from an old washing machine

13. If there is a blackout, you can use the flashlight on your phone and a plastic cup. And here's what happens. Magic!

12. Old drums can become a fascinating chandelier.

11. A simple trick with a D-link to carry a few bags at the same time

10. A PlayStation used as a brick in the wall

9. Pretty candleholders made from old kitchenware

8. "This is how my father uses toilet paper rolls."

7. This is the most ridiculous and most brilliant idea I've ever seen!

6. This lamp is made from old clock gears.

5. The best use of an old game console

4. A second life for old tires

3. A dino flower bed

2. The sofa of a soda fan

1. "My grandma's butter dish."

What about you? Maybe you also have brilliant and crazy ideas for how to use old stuff! Share them in the comments below, and push the "Like" button.

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