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25 People Who Are Still in Shock From What They Have Seen

Life can bring us surprises every day. Unexpected encounters, amazing people, and unbelievable situations. Actual photos posted on your network profile are the best way to prove to your friends that your incredible story is an undeniable truth.

Bright Side put together some photos whose creators didn't get confused and managed to capture something that will stay in their memories for a long time.

25. "I just wanna be this rich and corny dawg."

24. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I pulled up next to these 3 amidst a snowstorm."

23. "It’s not every day you see Beyoncé at Target."

22. When you think that it's probably the right time to get up now and run away from the bus as soon as possible:

21. "Who said that windmills were not useful when there was no wind?"

20. "My sister just saw this beautiful family out for a drive in Taiwan."

19. "I got a bit dizzy from those legs..."

18. "I thought it was going to be funny. But now when I look at him, I feel that this is very unsettling..."

17. "I honked at the car in front of me, and this angry Alpaca popped out, and now I'm not sure what to do..."

16. "What is going on in my backyard pond?"

15. "I really have to give this NYC subway ad a hand...or 6???"

14. "Is it only me who thinks that there's something wrong with this store?"

13. Just a peacock recently spotted at Newark International Airport. Although the bird did have its own seat, it was denied boarding.

12. "I decided to take a different route to work and saw this store window. I haven't slept for the last week."

11. "I don’t think the mop sink is supposed to be used to thaw out chicken."

10. "Can I get uuuuuh one unhappy meal?"

9. The tallest building in the world, tearing through the clouds. Literally skyscraping.

8. "It's been the longest flight of my life."

7. Nothing unusual — just a palm tree attached to a pillar. Keep scrolling.

6. "We live in Alaska. It was negative 6 degrees outside..."

5. "Hello there!"

4. "This makes me hairy uncomfortable."

3. "We heard there was a superb owl party?"

2. "We thought we could play basketball here. But it seems surfing will be more suitable."

1. "It seems I have to run away from this house and never look back."

We are now running around our houses with phones in our hands, but ghosts haven't been detected yet. However, maybe you have encountered something curious. Share with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit DaOBeeZY / twitter
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