25 People Who Failed Hilariously When Getting a Tattoo

Putting ink on your skin forever is a lot of responsibility, but it looks like some people don't really care about going to a professional tattoo artist...or proofreading before writing on their bodies. And some choose really weird ideas.

Bright Side collected images of those who failed miserably when getting a tattoo. Look through to the end, and never make these mistakes in your life. The last picture also has a very good piece of advice.

1. He just made the baby 40 years older.

2. He could at least have got it drawn properly.

3. I wonder what the story is behind this.

4. It hurts my feelings.

5. You may have nightmares after seeing this.

6. It truly is!

7. Technically correct

8. He will always remember what he ate that day.

9. Too lazy to finish it?

10. Better not go to any Buddhist countries with it.

11. Is he a Miley fan or hater?

12. Obviously.

13. Was the artist drunk?

14. What is this?

15. This mermaid is not happy.

16. Absolutely nohing

17. Zombie dwarf?

18. Just WHY?

19. An enthusiastic chess player?

20. Hopefully it's possible to cover this up.

21. I feel sorry for Brenda.

22. Well, at least the letters are right.

23. Pikachu is not pleased.

24. If only he could take them off.

25. Good advice!

What do you think? Which one is the worst in your opinion? Or maybe you've seen even worse ones in your life? Share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit ludacris / instagram
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