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25 Romantic Gestures That Were Nothing Short of Prosaic

Cynics and pragmatists also fall in love. Sounds like the beginning of an anecdote, doesn't it? People like the ones on this list often get "romantic" surprises that are more bizarre than anything. But when it's all said and done, romance is finding the person who gives you a reason to smile every day.

Bright Side collected 25 pictures that prove there's no place left for sloppy sentimentality.

"My husband invited me on a romantic trip to a lake, accidentally hit me with a paddle, and laughed like a hyena all the time after."

"I bought a dozen roses for my wife on Valentine's Day. She wasn't impressed."

"My dad bought asparagus for my mom because he thought they were daffodils."

"My fiancé gave me this romantic present that embodies our strong and reliable relationship."

"A bro-bouquet that my sister made for her boyfriend."

"A romantic cake for my husband."

"Was caught in the moment of becoming an Instagram husband."

"My boyfriend promised me a romantic dinner on our first date."

"Being the girlfriend, I was given the job of decorating our new home. Yesterday, my boyfriend said he wanted to pick just one piece of decor out. I was impressed he actually wanted to be involved! The next day, he walks in smiling, and introduced me to Kittiana Jones."

"I grabbed his phone and ran inside the room. I didn’t even know the passcode."

"Found a pretty sweet Valentine's Day card for my husband."

Forgetfulness or a cunning plan of invasion?

"I asked my husband to take my picture in the swimming pool. He says that all his attention was concentrated only on me."

"Made my girlfriend a Valentine’s Day card."

"It's the 14th of February and the shelves are stuffed with heart-shaped boxes. I'll see you tomorrow, my half-priced pretties."

"My favorite picture of my parents. 1991, the day of their wedding."

"This is what my boyfriend did to prevent me from snooping before he proposed."

"My girlfriend called a pizzeria to send me a surprise heart-shaped Valentine's Day pizza while I was on a business trip. This is what I got."

Scheduled romance: my local grocery store on the 14th of February around 5:20 PM.

"Weddings are exhausting! Here's a pic of my brother's wife after everyone left the reception."

"My wife was all, "You gotta help me get things ready for the newborn baby."

"My friend convinced her husband to go to an art class with her."

"The card I received from my wife for Valentine's Day pretty much sums up our marriage."

"When you think you're on a Valentine's Day date but this is where she wants to eat."

A divorce cake.

What not-so-romantic surprises have you gotten from your beloved? Share your stories with us, we're sure you have something good to tell.

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