26 Designers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Doing Their Work Right

Designers all over the world work hard to make ordinary things shine with unique ideas or new bright colors attracting the attention of a lot of people. But sometimes they overdo their work... or underdo it. Anyway, the result is always funny.

Bright Side found the most outstanding design mistakes that won't leave anyone indifferent.

What kind of vacation is that? We're wondering.

Those brown marks... They're not what you're thinking.

Pencils for those who are hesitating. To do or not to do?

Looks like a horror movie poster - not a cartoon....

Accidental racism

"I don't know what's worse - the tassels, the font, the grammar, or the fact that it costs 50 bucks."

It seems they've mixed up the shapes!

Apparently, the creators of this garbage can believe that the dump workers will just figure it out.

Definitely not the best design for a calculator

The showers in the women's locker room have the logo of the gym right at breast level.

Creepy cannibal ice cream

"I'm no paleontologist but this doesn't seem right."

A skirt that drastically changes your figure.

This armchair likes jazz.

A picnic blanket with magic features

It turns out that dogs' ears also have bones.

"A mug with the most useless and uncomfortable handle ever."

How is one supposed to get to the upstairs porch?

Creepy kid's benches

An arm from nowhere

This designer didn't want to have to worry about the copyright.

Wow! This empty part of the wall is so interesting! Let's look closer!

Apparently, they couldn't choose just one variety of design options for their windows.

A yellow toilet seat... Are you serious?

Almost there

"I wouldn't want to meet this dino in my childhood."

What other examples of ridiculous design have you seen? Please show them to us in the comments!

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