26 People Who Changed the Rules of the Game by 180 Degrees

This world is full of opportunities to challenge everything that is usual and routine. The heroes of our article don't want to know how to play by the rules and be just like everyone else.

Bright Side gathered 26 funny photos that seem to have been created in a parallel universe.

One of the reasons to have kids is that you may never grow up.

Love is the most powerful weapon.

That's how everyone should do it.

"Honey, but you promised to go to the park at the weekend."

"I think I'm in a parallel universe."

Because who reads paper books nowadays?

It's almost like Pepsi in a Coca-Cola bottle.

Because we were warned they were gonna avenge.

Finally, donkeys obtained a normalized working day regime.

"Did your boyfriend also ask you to give him 5 minutes?"

Everything is wrong in this photo.

It was his turn to ride.

Everything is vice versa in the Chilean zoo: people are in cages, and animals are free.

When there are lots of women but hockey is the one and only:

Films about swapping bodies seem to be quite true now.

Dogs run free, and kids are on a leash. Something's wrong.

Did he really answer "yes"?

"I wish he'd stop aping and leave me alone."

No human beings were harmed.

Tom and Jerry. Reincarnation.

"But, darling, you wanted me to have a beard."

Don't limit yourself with stereotypes.

A small challenge to gender prejudices

A Hawaiian pizza from a parallel universe

"Oh, you can't be serious."

"My pleasure, man."

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