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27 People Who Failed in Completely Unexpected Ways

Everyone can have a bad day, but very few people can look at the reasons for their misfortunes with humor and irony.

Bright Side collected 25 photos of hilarious fails.

"I took this picture with no regrets after it happened for the 3rd time."

"Suddenly, there’s only one spot left unpainted."

"She wanted to take a cool selfie in the subway."

"My brother seconds before being hit by a surfer."

"An attempt to find balance failed."

"My cat made a huge mistake."

"Everyone except the cat knew this would happen."

"Not sure if a razor makes a man look feminine..."

"This is how my girl lost at Jenga."

"My friend decided that he is a master of chair balancing."

"The goat doesn’t like being indoors, and my friend doesn’t like being indoors with a goat."

"Never tie your shoelaces standing near the Eiffel Tower."

"I thought the 4-leaf clover brought happiness, not a Frisbee."

"My cat is too curious."

"I decided to take the cat with me and regretted it immediately."

"Now he will think twice before deciding to park like this."

"When you decide to check your social networks in the morning. The same thing every time."

"Never put very hot dishes on a glass table. And think twice before buying a glass table."

"I took a picture of my meal for Instagram. Now we’ll see which picture gets more likes."

"He just wanted to have some fun, not a lot of pain."

"Every time when things are going well."

"I proved that I could do it, no matter what."

"Delaying the inevitable."

"I just wanted to have a snack."

"Dealt with that mountain. But I’m not so happy after all."

Bonus: Frozen’s Elsa gets arrested

This strange episode happened in Hanahan, South Carolina. The police of the town arrested an actress dressed like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen because she allegedly attempted to freeze a City Hall fountain.

The police issued an arrest warrant for the Snow Queen over the unusually cold weather in the area. The fountain she was accused of freezing melted before it could be presented as evidence of the crime.

Luckily, the actress from a local event agency was released later without any charges.

Have you ever found yourself in a hilarious situation? Don’t hesitate to share your stories with us in the comments!

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