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27 People Whose Self-Irony Conquered the Internet in a Flash

Anyone can experience failures, but very few can take them with their head held high. However, probably the best thing you could do is just laugh. These people did exactly this. Now others laugh not at them but along with them.

Bright Side put together photos full of self-irony.

27. “When you look more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter!”

26. “My yearbook quote is the only thing I am proud of.”

25. “When I was 16, my parents commissioned my grandad to paint a portrait of me to raise my self-esteem. It did not.”

24. “This is why no one talks to me at school.”

23. “No, I’m not pregnant. I just feel like pregnancy pics are cute, and I want to be involved.”

22. “I don’t know why my arms look so long that I could tie my shoes without bending over.”

21. The irony

20. The main thing is to never lose your sense of humor.

19. “I guess I’ll be drinking some irony this morning.”

18. “My friend, who has been in a coma for 3 months and presumed dead, texted me this.”

17. “Despite all the efforts of the yearbook editors, this is still my favorite photo.”

16. “Don’t show this photo to my boss.”

15. “When no one gives me compliments for a few days, I start thinking that I look exactly like in this small mirror.”

14. “I have a feeling these cookies are making fun of me.”

13. “These guys sit at this table every morning. The restaurant owners made this sign to claim the table for them.”

12. “It seems my classmate and I look more like each other than we thought.”

11. “My bald head has a meaning now.”

10. “When your girl dumps you and you play it off real smooth...”

9. “Hi, ladies! Would you like to drop by for a gulp of oxygen or a glass of fluid?”

8. “We decided to underline our individuality. At the same time. With similar T-shirts. We are geniuses, aren’t we?!”

7. “Screw it — that’s close enough.”

6. “My new workout plan”

5. “My uncle sent me this picture of his prosthesis doctor.”

4. “Finally whipping. Joke! I’m still on the bus.”

3. Olathe Police posted this photo on their webpage with the title “We’ve been training all year for this day.”

2. “I found the perfect Halloween costume. Or is it perfect as an everyday outfit?”

1. DiCaprio made a joke when he received his award for the first time. As his Oscar was being engraved, he said, “Do you make it every year? How would I know...”

It’s obvious that Leo is the king of self-irony. However, maybe you know better examples. Share with us in the comments below!

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