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27 Pictures Proving That Some Things in Our Lives Just Don’t Make Sense

The world is full of mystery and puzzles and the most interesting ones are not the ones in books or movies, but the ones from real life. When we happen upon these crazy things in our lives, it's time to take a camera and tell the whole world about it!

Bright Side collected 27 photos that are going to make you say, "What the heck is going on?!".

Seems like something went wrong during the class...

Pikachu is unpredictable.

Everything started out so well.

"Saw this scene while walking in Boston."

"My uncle's medicine pack. I still don't understand how he distinguishes these pills."

There are actually 3 people in this picture.

Someone decided to save some money.

Maybe he's out of plates.

"My mom sent me this photo and I don't know what to say."

People live together on this island! But how?!

A very strange kitchen "life hack."

"I got bubble wrap packed in...bubble wrap."

Here are 3 knobs. All for cold water.

What's this room for?

What a strange drain...

I wouldn't like to meet her at night.

"Now I'll have more reasons why I don't like to go to school"

This soap is too realistic.

"Cool garage, not sure how to park my car in it though."

Maybe, he wants to eat more and his jeans are just too tight.

When your mic is broken but your teammates need you:

You'd better not try to walk through this door after you've been partying.

Was fashion always this strange?

"I saw my brother falling asleep and..."

I have only 2 questions. How? And why?

Yesterday the sky above Rome turned weird.

"Why doesn't my mouse work?"

Have you ever seen anything this weird? Please tell us and show us your examples in the comments.

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