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29 People Who Can Stay Winners in Any Situation

Everyone has probably faced situations where everything went better than planned. And you were probably excited with those sudden victories when you were incredibly lucky.

Bright Side gathered photos proving that every good day depends only on our sagacity and wit.

This truck driver loves PC games.

This is the best way to use a car seat heater.

He knows how to give presents...even for himself.

When you have $250 earpieces and really don’t want to lose them:

“My brother got a barcode tattoo. A barcode scanner shows that he is an Oreo cookie.”

“The truck next to me had a dent that allowed me to open my door all the way. Perfect.”

A girl went to Disneyland 22 years after buying this ticket. It turned out that it didn’t have an expiration date.

A hot day perfectly repairs a bumper. For free.

“I ordered tea in a coffee machine. This is my change: anniversary coins in a limited number.”

“This coffee shop uses beer taps to dispense cream and milk.”

This guy buried alcohol under the ground at the stadium and went to the festival 3 weeks later and dug it out.

My cat feels comfortable. I feel comfortable. We both feel comfortable.

Someone filled an empty sidewalk spot with a LEGO replacement.

When you understand that the choice to take an umbrella was the best choice ever:

“My son didn’t want to go to a kindergarten in an ordinary white T-shirt. So I had to draw a ’cool’ picture.”

“My coworker decided he wanted a standing desk to increase his physical activity.”

“I just took a picture of wet asphalt and got space.”

“Move a bit. OK. Just perfect, Mom.” This photo’s gonna get hundreds of likes.

“Found a brand-new way to get your snacks into a movie.”

This guy lives in 2039 while we live in 2019.

Who is this guy under the sheets? A king or an ordinary person? No, he’s a librarian.

He didn’t have a warning triangle, so he used a bowl with red peppers.

When you run out of wine but still have some space in your stomach:

Creative parents have healthy kids.

“My house used to be a bank, so we keep all family garbage in an old safe/vault.”

“My dog is the only star in this house.”

The best way not to lose your luggage is to become your luggage.

Lunch is the main thing.

This is the perfect way to give people a subtle hint about your hearing issues.

Did the compilation impress you? Share some stories of how you used your wit and creativity.

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