29 People Who’ve Mastered the Art of Making a Memorable First Impression

It's getting harder to really surprise someone. Bright makeup and striking clothes don't draw a lot of attention anymore. However, there are people who can make an unforgettable first impression that lasts for days.

Bright Side rounded up a selection of 29 photos of people who know for sure what to do to have all eyes on themselves.

When you're tired of casual clothes:

"As someone with pale skin, this is what I would wear on a daily basis if it were socially acceptable."

Her dad said she could do whatever she liked with her hair.

"My favorite Christmas gift from my brother. Right now we're at level 3."

"My cousin's son is on spring break, so today she brought him to help teach her class. He decided to wear his Godzilla costume."

When you're too tired to care:

"First time meeting my half brothers. They're big drinkers... (I think I made a good impression.)"

"My cousin showed up to the hospital in a suit because he wanted to make a good first impression on his nephew."

Did you notice an umbrella?

"My first day of class starts in an hour, and the battery to my clippers just died. Well, so much for the first impression..."

A guy ran out on the football field in this costume.

"A friend of mine is really into chain mail and made himself a chain mail jacket and tie!"

What are the chances?!

"The graduation suit my mother made for me! I look so sharp."

"We came across a woman in a full mermaid suit at the beach. Also, she could be an actual mermaid."

"So I asked for my pet food order to be delivered by a man in a penguin suit..."

"I'm going to wear this to work. It's cold outside."

That moment when you realize that dogs are so outdated.

"My band director lost a bet and had to wear a banana suit all day!"

It's fun. It's genius. It's memorable.

"My kid decided to be an astronaut in IKEA, and his mom followed suit."

That's what we call an unforgettable first impression.

A man in a Pac-Man suit!

"This guy ran the marathon in a 25-lb rhino suit and raised $5,500 for Save The Rhinos."

When you love yourself to the Moon and back:

"My boss said we have to wear these sweatshirts all day..."

When you went into the wrong store:

A giant cat head – the perfect everyday look!

"This guy got fed up with waiting in a line, so he ordered a pizza."

Have you ever met someone who made an unbelievable first impression? Tell us in the comments.

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