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29 Photos Showcasing What Desperation Really Is

We like to think that there is a solution to every problem. Unfortunately, we’ve all learned that’s not always the case. When things go wrong, we can either panic and give up or we can choose to laugh at the circumstances.

Bright Side put together some visual stories of people who came face-to-face with some desperate situations.

29. Apparently, cats aren’t the only ones who have a habit of sleeping on top of people.

28. If you don’t know what to do — meditate.

27. Great amibition is not always enough.

26. The main thing is to just stay cool.

25. Goodbye, balloons! Thanks for not taking me with you!

24. “I bought some colored pencils.”

23. And this is just the training...

22. The cat broke the vase while trying to free its head and ended up with this “Egyptian” necklace.

21. When the upstairs neighbors flood your apartment, but hey, what can you do?

20. Don’t even bother.

19. His face says it all.

18. The fish is near, but you must control yourself.

17. Got milk? No.

16. Decades later and you’re still waiting for your parents to come get you.

15. Still think owls are cute?

14. “My mom tried to grow a lemon tree here in the rainy Washington state.”

13. Key or no key, the paper towels must be provided!

12. The time has come to conquer the galaxy.

11. Winters in Siberia are no joke.

10. Does this make the job harder or easier?

9. And this is how dreams die.

8. He’s still waiting for his lunch.

7. We have a democracy here.

6. It’s better to get used to this feeling from an early age.

5. Pokémon Go taken to extremes.

4. The third hour of shopping.

3. “Apparently, I take too long to get ready.”

2. You can run, but you can’t hide.

1. We’ve got you surrounded, dog.

Have you ever been in situations in which you didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry? Share your stories in the comments below!

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