32 Stupefying Photos That Seem to Have Been Taken in a Parallel Universe

At times, everything around us seems rather unreal, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with the world. However, a quick look at these pictures will help you understand everything.

Bright Side collected a few pictures that will make you doubt reality, at least for a moment. At the end of the article, we prepared an interesting bonus for you.

Seems like we lost the ​​​​​​​horizon!

Since when can I see different seasons from my door and window?

I am afraid to look in the mirror: what if I am one of them?

In some other place, a dog is probably catching a mouse at this very moment.

I’m not sure what is missing: did they forget to paint the shadow on the wall or to cut the real trees?

Unbelievable! Maybe I am sleeping, and this is my nightmare.

Gasoline, diesel, coffee. What’s your car’s fuel?

Looking at this photo, I start to believe in magic.

It seems they should have been replaced by people.

It’s definitely a mistake.

Are there no more criminals in this world?

Maybe I’m just seeing double?

And this isn’t Photoshop.

Nothing special, just a ball-shaped cloud. Continue to scroll.

I wonder if she can shrink...

A window to a perfectionist’s hell

These trees look like an art lesson on how to draw perspective.

I hope they read different newspapers.

Bubble wrap wrapped in paper. Just one question: why?

When some other guy wears your T-shirt’s sleeves:

When commercials come alive:

This cat has an error in its length settings.

It seems I found a place that sells computers from a parallel universe.

A cat with a déjà vu effect

Honey, there’s a glitch in the car that is passing by.

It seems these guys jumped over several steps of evolution.

This water doesn’t know anything about the laws of physics.

This cat knows how to copy and paste.

When the world sets its graphics to the minimum:

I wonder if they have the same faces...

Bonus: India as imagined by those who have never been there.

Did you imagine India like that? Well, relax, and look twice before believing your eyes.

Of course, not all Indian policemen look like the guy in this picture. A standing ovation to his physical shape, but his turban and the bracelet on his right arm have an interesting explanation. These details are a distinctive feature of Sikhs, representatives of Sikhism, one of many Indian religions. Sikhs believe they are born to be defenders (both men and women), so they often work as policemen or serve in the armed forces.

The picture on the right is nothing but a Photoshop joke. People in India paint their elephants for celebrations but in a more traditional way.

Despite the persuasiveness of these pictures, Bright Side believes that there’s nothing more real than this world. However, you still have time to change our mind, and we are waiting for your comments!

Preview photo credit imgur, themescompany.com
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