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6 Strong Women Who Refused to Accept Their Fate and Eventually Became Truly Happy

Women are often considered to be gentle and soft, the weaker sex who need to be surrounded by care and love. However, when it comes to dealing with problems and going through hard times, most women show an incredible strength of spirit and power of persistence.

We at Bright Side were truly amazed by these women who just kept struggling for their happiness even when the struggle was too tough. We decided to share their inspirational stories with you to prove that weakness has nothing to do with women.

1. This girl who endured 18 surgeries now works on a surgical ward.

Cody Hall, a girl from Great Britain, was born with a severe ​​​facial deformity. Doctors told her parents there was nothing they could do, so the whole family launched an appeal to raise money for her first treatment in the States. Cody was only one when she had her first surgery.

Over the next 14 years, Hall endured 18 operations. Despite all the difficulties, she lived a normal life and achieved significant results at school. It was hard for the little girl to handle situations with her classmates, but Cody never let anyone laugh at her or feel pity for her.

Cody currently works on a surgical ward at Kettering General Hospital, and she married her high school sweetheart earlier this year. Describing her big day, she said, “I just want to show people that there is a happy ending.”

2. This Pakistani human rights activist made it possible for girls in Islamic countries to continue their education.

Malala Yousafzai is a true heroine and an outstanding role model. She became famous after she started her blog for the BBC about living under the Taliban’s regime, which banned Pakistani girls from attending school.

The girl faced frequent death threats in Pakistan. She even survived an assassination attempt and a medically induced coma.

Her courage and fearless soul helped her achieve many of her goals. She is now 20, and she’s the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. As an Oxford student, she still helps girls around the world continue their education. She even opened a school for Syrian refugee girls and wrote a book entitled I Am Malala.

3. This is the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

Mikayla Holmgren, the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant, received the Miss Minnesota USA Spirit Award and Director’s Award. Giving her speech, she said that she wanted to “blaze the trail” and show a different side to Down syndrome.

Mikayla loves dancing and gymnastics, and she does a lot of charity work. People say her smile, enthusiasm, sincerity, and determination are contagious. It’s just another inspiring example for people with developmental disabilities. When speaking about her abilities, Mikayla says that girls like her can participate in the same beauty and talent events as anyone else.

4. This woman has 9 jobs to take care of the elderly.

Sarah Moore decided to quit her big city life and move to a tiny Scottish island, inhabited mostly by older people unable to do any hard work. Sarah is brave enough to handle even the hardest work on the island. She manages to be a carer, an air traffic controller, a firefighter, a shepherd, and a council clerk at the same time. She also delivers the local mail, handles freight at the airport, operates excavators on farmlands, and gives tours around the only lighthouse on the island.

She says she has no regrets about her decision and doesn’t miss her lifestyle back home. She has found new friends and doesn’t feel lonely anymore. The locals love her and admire her kindness. Despite the day-to-day hard work and lack of entertainment, she seems to be the happiest person in the world.

5. This woman survived a shark attack, lost an arm, and still went on to become a surfing star.

At the age of 13, Bethany Hamilton barely escaped with her life after a vicious tiger shark attack. The encounter left her with one arm. Not only did the brave girl fully recover but she also managed to overcome her fear and continue to surf.

Bethany is a happy mom and wife as well as a world-famous professional surfer. She became a national champion and was second in the World Junior Championship. Her story was described in a book and a movie, both named Soul Surfer.

6. This homeless gang member graduated from Harvard.

As a child, Liz Murray had to go through hard times: she was bullied at school, and she eventually gave it up. As a teenager, she became a gang member. At the age of 15, after her mother died and her family moved to a homeless shelter, Liz was all alone on the streets, sleeping on benches.

No one ever expects a story like this to have a happy ending, but Liz managed to pull herself together. She became an “A” student at her school and even graduated from Harvard University. She kept on taking care of her ill father, who had instilled in her a love of literature.

Liz is a brilliant author and motivational speaker. She talks to teenagers and adults and teaches people to believe in themselves, take every opportunity no matter what the circumstances are, and break any obstacles in the way of their happiness.

Which of these stories was the most inspiring for you? Tell us in the comments!

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